Little League World Series Rigged Again, Just Like The Big Leagues

Once again the LLWS will be rigged to allow the United States to cheat its way into the final game.

It’s not a ‘World’ series. It’s not a legitimate contest. Call it something else, but don’t insult the game by calling it a ‘World’ series.

But The Lion’s been over this ground before, here, and here.


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  1. The Little League world series is divided into two divisions The world and the USA and the winner of the two divisons meet in the final How is it rigged?


    • A United States team is always guaranteed a place in the final. In a genuine world competition the US would have to earn that spot by playing teams from other nations.


  2. Yeah I agree with Ric, I definately noticed this as I watched and tried to figure out how the finals were put together.

    I think it’s absolutely ridiculous, can’t believe any other country would compete in such an unfair event.


  3. Like Ric stated, the LLWS is rigged because there are 16 teams in total competing and fully half of them (8) are from the USA. Also, the American teams are all clustered in two of the four “pools” so that an American team is guaranteed to be in the finals. The only way it can be more rigged is if the umpires are paid off to ensure the American team wins in the finals.

    In other world championship events (World Cup of Soccer, Hockey World Championships, World Basketball Championships), only ONE team from each country is allowed to compete no matter which country “invented” the game and/or how much better one nation may be at the game than another.

    I say let the regional champs from each area in America compete for the “American LL Baseball Championship”, and let that single winning team represent the USA at the LLWS. That’s the way they do it in Canada for example, with the club team winning the Canadian LL Championship winning the opportunity to compete in the LLWS. After all, if Americans are so much better than any other nation, their LL champions should be the heavy favorite to win the LLWS. So what are they afraid of?

    Let’s face it, there are two main reasons why the LLWS is stacked in favor of the USA:

    1) TV Ratings: There would be far fewer American viewers tuning in once any/all American teams got eliminated.

    2) Risk of Embarrassment: There would be a lot of red faces if the LLWS is held in the USA and no US team is in the final. People would be asking what’s wrong with American baseball at the youth level and why are other countries beating them…..?

    America should be proud and glad that so many other countries love the game of baseball and have gotten so good at it that they can compete with American teams from Little League all the way up to the pros. Instead, American insecurity feels it necessary to heavily slant the playing field to give American teamS (emphasis on the plural) the enormous advantage of having half the field of teams from the good ol’ USA.


    • Nice analysis!


  4. Ric,

    Perhaps you should re-post your threads from previous years on this topic (or combine past arguments – which are still valid – into a new, summary thread) and put it at the top of your home page, as it once again is that time of year when the LLWS is taking place and the same unfair practices continue….?


    • I thought about it, but it’s a voice-in-the-wilderness thing. The Americans involved think it’s all just so wonderful and the foreign countries play along despite the blatant rigging. Besides, I saw one player, a pitcher, the other day, and he was huge and he had a moustache. We’re not talking Little League anymore – we’re talking semi-pro in waiting. To hell with them. The corruption of professional sports has reached down and grabbed the kids. It’s ethical rot.


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