Vince Wilfork, Patriot Whiner Of Champions

Vince Wilfork, a large and apparently talented nose tackle for the New England Patriots, allowed his agent to let out a loud whine about poor Vince’s salary.

His agent, Kennard McGuire, said yesterday he’s disappointed the situation has come to this.

“Although our dialogue has been ongoing, we just have not achieved the level of comfort for Vince,’’ McGuire said. “In a profession where production and durability equals reward, I’m terribly disappointed that we have not found common ground in what a player of Vince Wilfork’s value truly is.

“Our desire was, and is, a commitment to Vince that equals the one he has made to the organization. Today, we’re just not there. For a man who is as passionate to the game as Vince Wilfork is, I truly feel this is unjust.’’

Poor Vince made only two million two hundred thousand dollars last year. Apparently his comfort level is a lot higher than that.


People are working two and three jobs or are lucky to have any job at all, people are losing their houses, their jobs, their lives, and this fat-ass fatheaded football player can’t manage to be ‘comfortable’ on two million dollars a year.

That’s pathetic enough, but what’s just as pathetic are the people who pay hundreds of dollars for a seat at professional sports arenas to watch these overpaid narcissists ‘earn’ their obscene paychecks.

Hell, football’s not even remotely honest. Wilfork and his cohort of thieves only play for about fifteen minutes during the three-hour course of an NFL game. But the fools in the stands put up with it. And since Wilfork plays only defense, he only plays an average of seven or so minutes a game.

Not bad, Vince. Entertain the fools for a little less than two hours over a sixteen-game season and collect two million dollars. Quite a scam you’ve got going there, you and your buddies.


2 Responses

  1. Ah, the horror and the pity of it all…

    WTF is a nose tackle?

    Never mind, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.


    • The nose tackle is the guy running around in each play carrying a box of kleenex.


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