Republican Insurance Executive Runs For Governor In Massachusetts: Offers The Same Old Republican Nonsense

Charles D. Baker, Jr., an insurance executive described by the Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts as “nothing more than an overcompensated insurance executive who placed profits over patients at the expense of hard-working families and employers in Massachusetts’’ is running for governor of Massachusetts as a Republican.

He’s already, on the first day, driven his campaign into the tried-and-true Republican swamp of old and useless bromides that got the country into its current financial mess.

Massachusetts, like most states, has been badly hurt financially by the shenanigans of Wall Street and by the policies of the national Republicans for the last few decades. Baker has no intention of putting things right.

“I’m a no-new-taxes candidate,’’ he said, adding later for the television cameras: “Yeah, read my lips: No new taxes.’’

The state just passed an increase in the sales tax, along with a truckload of cuts to a variety of programs, to help repair the damage. Charlie insists he’ll try to repeal it. Which is pretty much the same thing as saying he’ll cut funds for education, for police, for fire, for social programs, and so on.

Baker, apparently unaware that the state has slashed heavily already, offered this:

When asked what needs to be cut from the budget, Baker said that “everything should be on the table,’’ including scaling back the state’s landmark healthcare initiative.

Sounds a lot like the Republican apes in the Federal Senate and House who say no to every program that threatens the obscene profits of their corporate donors – you know, insurance companies, drug companies, oil companies.

But Charlie said he ‘would resign’ his position as chief executive of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, one of the big local insurance groups.

Naturally he’d put the state’s new health care program on the chopping block: it probably cost him some bonus money when it went into effect.

Of course Charlie criticized the current governor, Deval Patrick, for the state’s financial problems.

“I think he let the budget get away from him, and once the budget gets away from you, really bad things happen,’’ Baker said.

As if Massachusetts had no connection to the rest of the country’s money catastrophe. Oh, wait, Charlie doesn’t think there is a connection.

“I’m not going to participate in national discussions and national politics; I’m interested in what happens here in Massachusetts,’’ he said.

Ya can’t have one without the other, Charlie boy.

But Charlie’s trying to make a game of it. He cites his good points.

Baker said he supports abortion rights and same-sex marriage, adding: “My brother’s gay, and he’s married, and he lives in Massachusetts, so I’m for it. Is that straight enough?’’

Maybe Charlie ought to sit down with his brother and discuss the tone-deaf irony of that remark.

Charlie also supports the death penalty. That’s certainly in line with his past as a health insurance executive, considering that health insurance companies are in the business of killing people for profit by denying care.

Charlie’s come out of the gate as just another slash-and-burn Republican, crowing about screwing the middle class and the poor, refusing to pay for the stuff that lifts up the people and the state in order to line the pockets of his rich friends and his corporate donors.

And just as a general principle, no one, no one who works or worked in the executive branches of the insurance industry should qualify to run for public office. They should stick to what they know, and what they know is thievery.

Sorry, Charlie. We don’t need any more Republican con men in charge of anything.


6 Responses

  1. Hey last time I checked Devil Patrick is the governor. The most immoral and biggest spender ever and oh yeah he only cares for himself and the young folks. You can not win this battle.


    • If I had to guess from your comment, I’d guess you’re old and not very bright and not possessed of a good imagination. Hardly a testament to the vitality of the Republican wingnut crowd.


  2. Ric as a fellow Bay Stater I’m curious…
    In trying financial times the state has added over 5000 people to payroll. Is that the right thing ?
    What about the Pike debacle ? I hate to sound like a partisan pr#$k but really. DMV closures are surely tied to punishing the tax payer. I know that sounds wing nutty but it is a tried and true government kind of thing. (doesn’t matter the letter after the name)
    And I know you like coffee but seriously….a tax that includes a tax on a tax ????? 6.25% on Amstel Light and other fine liquid coping mechanisms. It just ain’t right Lion.


    • Alfie –

      I’d venture that the 5,000 were added before the economy fell into a hole. Not knowing what they were hired for makes it difficult, if not impossible, to determine whether their hiring was useful. Some portion may well have been the right thing, depending on what they do and how well they do it and how well their work serves the citizenry.

      As for the DMV, they closed the Falmouth office, right down the street from me, so that pisses me off. But the stated reasons, to save money, that makes sense. You can’t complain about five thousand new hires and then also complain when a state agency does something to save money, assuming there’s a good reason for the action. The fact that much DMV business can be done on the Web helps the deal make sense. I’ve renewed my license and registration on the Web with no problem each time. I really can’t see how you can conclude that the closings are a deliberate attempt to punish the taxpayer. Unless of course you really are steeped in wingnuttery paranoia. 🙂

      Light? You drink light beer? I’m seriously disappointed. I’m going to have to revamp my image of you.

      As for tax, tax is tax. My coffee costs me two cents more now at Starbucks, but I only get coffee there three or four times a month. People complain about taxes, but how much more will they complain when services are cut? The evil of tax cuts is that the cuts fall heavily and harshly on the people who need services the most – the poor, the disabled, the sick – people who struggle, people who work those minimum wage jobs that make the world go round. The people who complain about taxes are the ones who could afford to pay a few dollars more, dollars that would negate the need to cut services. Republicans, I’ve noticed, like to cut taxes on the rich – the people who can most afford to pay taxes – and ignore the consequences to the entirety of the population. Republicans like to posit that people choose to be poor, choose to be homeless, choose to go hungry (Reaganisms – remember ‘ketchup is a vegetable’?) because it suits them to think so, permitting them to do what they do and not feel guilty. No one chooses to live in poverty. No one chooses to go hungry (don’t try the anorexia ploy, not here). With some temporary help from government services, most people in those positions could and would move on to productive, self-supporting lives. And ‘help from government services’ means people helping their fellow citizens through the instrument of government. Government is a tool that needs to be kept sharp, that needs to be cared for, that needs to be maintained, and that needs to be used properly under intelligent guidance. But ultimately it is about the relationships the people in a nation have with each other. And without some coercion in law, taxes for example, there would be no democracy, no freedom, no liberty.

      You really drink Light beer? C’mon, someone brainwashed you, right?



  3. My big beef is that the private sector lays people off. I’m not aware that Deval has pinked anyone. The RMV was recentl running a surplus and although I appreciate the cost savings of getting out of leases etc. I find it kinda weird that offices close but staff stays employed. Perhaps I missed a story. It was the light beer !
    I have nothing on offer to restore my image in the eyes of the Lion. It is with regrets I have to stand by the fact that Amstel Light is actually a Dam good beer. (the ad says so too) Any points for it not being Coors or Bud ?
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your summer. I haven’t commented all the times I’ve checked the snarling and growling but let me say I’ve always enjoyed it.


    • Ah, well, okay, points for not drinking Bud or Coors.

      The RMV is opening four new offices in state buildings, so it may simply be that they can keep the full staff, but put them in different places. Dunno.

      Summer would be much more enjoyable if the idiot tourists would stay away. Unfortunately the business community and the Chamber of Commerce keep encouraging them to come visit. Falmouth this weekend is completely unnavigable due to the mobs here for tomorrow’s road race. A pox on them all! May they drown in vats of Bud Lite.

      Glad to hear you enjoy yourself at the claws of the slashing and snarling Lion. 🙂


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