The Lion Has An Out-Of-The-House Experience With Famed Author

Last night, in the dark and the rain, The Lion ventured from his castle (as in ‘a man’s home is his prison’) to a local bookstore, carrying with him books to a signing by noted author Thomas H. Cook. (It should be noted that Mr. Cook was not covered in either notes or writings. Nonetheless he is noted.)

Since it is rare for The Lion to leave his book-and-computer-ridden dungeon, much less do it on purpose to visit another human, The Lion thought it proper to make note of the event.

In any event, The Lion carried six hardcover first editions  written by Mr. Cook, books The Lion has accumulated over several years, hoping that the writer would be so kind as to sign all six. Mr. Cook was indeed kind.

He is in fact an engaging fellow, an accomplished writer and traveler who has done over twenty times what The Lion has only done twice – produce a novel. Mr. Cook has indeed mastered the art of applying butt to chair and keeping it there. The Lion, on the other hand, too often finds the chair full of pins, needles, potato chip and cracker crumbs, and simply generally uncomfortable. Still, two isn’t bad – one for practice, one for real but not good enough.

The Lion stumbled upon Mr. Cook’s early work while unemployed in Rhode Island. His novels set in Salt Lake City and Birmingham, and other early work, just blew The Lion away. And they are, of course, the books The Lion has not managed to obtain to add to his collection of hardcover volumes.

The Lion, assessing his experience from last night, powerfully recommends that if you can overcome your own agoraphobic tendencies, or if you feel you simply must dare venture outside, you could do much much worse than buy one of Mr. Cook’s books, or steal one from the library, or beat up any number of old ladies to get their copies.

And to Mr. Cook, The Lion says, “Damn, but I enjoyed meeting and talking with you, guy. Thanks.”

In fact The Lion is so energized by last night’s event that tonight he plans to hang out outside a downtown bar known to be frequented by little old ladies who meet there weekly to discuss thematic developments across the body of Mr. Cook’s work.


8 Responses

  1. If it’s the same Thomas H. Cook, I have a signed first of his book, The Chatham School Affair, for which he won the Edgar in 97. Of course, one of my biggest shortcomings is that I own far more books than I could ever read in my lifetime, and unfortunately this is one of them (unread). The sad thing is I’ve also met him. Short guy with a gray beard, right?


    • That’s the guy.

      I’m in the same boat with books. So many books, so little time.


  2. So many books, so little time.

    I’d like to say I have the T-shirt with that on it, but I can’t. I can say, however, that I have the sweatshirt.


    • It’s nice to know that you are sartorially elegant and do not carry your blog’s butts-and-boobs themes into your vestiary life. Or do you? Actually it’s not clear.


      • All I can say is that I wear t-shirts and sweatshirts. That’s as far as I’ll admit. The rest shall be left to your imagination.


        • It’s a big mistake to leave anything to my imagination.


  3. I enjoyed meeting you, too, Lion, and hope you keep reading and writing, and maybe we’ll meet at another signing down the road, this one for YOUR book.

    Best, and thanks for generous mention in your blog,


    • Aw, geez, now I’m going to have brush away the damn potato chip crumbs from the chair and actually write another book. Fortunately I have a couple in mind, and have also graduated to grown-up pita chips.



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