Solving The Uighur Problem

Much was made in the press recently, for all of about five minutes, of the oppression of ethnic Uighur Moslems in one of China’s provinces.

Apparently the Uighurs rose up and killed a bunch of Chinese who had immigrated to the province and pretty much taken it over, turning the Uighurs into second-class citizens in their own ancestral land. Or something approximating that scenario, depending on which side is handing out the press releases.

But the news machine has moved on and nobody is publicly giving a damn about the Uighurs. They need some good PR, they need an image that will attract attention and infusions of cash and whatever else they need to fight their battle.

The Lion suggests they take a page from a toy company and adopt as their slogan “Uighurs Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down’.

(The Lion can’t help it. It must be the drugs.)


3 Responses

  1. I’m sorry to admit I must have been asleep during the five minutes this story thrived in the news cycle.

    Uighurs Wobble But They Don’t Fall Down?

    What the hell are you taking?


    • You want some?


  2. I didn’t even realize this made the US news. I saw a long segment on BBC America at least a week ago about this (technically, compared to US news, every segment on BBC America is a long segment). My first thought was, “why is this the first I’m hearing of this?” Not only that, they had a reporter and cameraman there. Next segment was from a reporter embedded with British Dragoons in Afghanistan as they took part in the recent surge. When was the last time you saw something like that with US troops? The Dragoons were on camera, asked questions and spoke candidly! Shocking.

    I’ve completely given up on US tv news. At best, it merely offers news topics which you then on your own go research if you’re curious. Also, thanks to a lawsuit Murdoch won back in 2003, tv news is under no journalistic responsibility to report accurately.


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