Mexico Corrupt To The Core? Say It Ain’t So, Jose!

The ongoing drug war in Mexico has revealed, horror of horrors, that Mexican government and police are corrupt beyond belief.

The offensive has exposed corruption so widespread that key institutions, from police forces to city halls, appear rotten to the core. And a battered society has grown increasingly worried about the effects of the massive military deployment on its democracy.

To solve the problem the Mexican government, the Federal government, declaring in essence that it is shocked, shocked by the level of corruption, has sent in its military to deal with the matter.

Odd how all that corruption seemed to have escaped the notice of the people who came up through all that corruption to become the Federal government.

And about that military? Those guys didn’t just spring up as fully formed noble and clean soldiers from the good earth. They came from the corrupt towns and villages. But they’re shocked, shocked at what they’ve found.

See Mexico. See drugs. See Mexico on drugs. See corruption. See. See. See. See the politicians wring their hands. See them slap their forehead with one hand. See them say, “We’re shocked, shocked.” See them hold out their other hand.


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  1. Mexico, corrupt? Who woulda thunk that?


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