Score A Couple Of Wins For The Bulls

The harried bulls of Pamplona won a couple of rounds in the latest incarnation of Spain’s annual display of  human brutality, sadism, and cruelty to animals.

One man is dead and several injured.

Bravo to the bulls. More power and more goring to them. Maybe they’ll take out some matadors this year. Those are the guys who think manipulating a dumb animal to its death proves they are men instead of barbaric psychopaths. You can dress these guys up in their suits of light, but you can’t make them less dark and disgusting. But for all their macho bullshit they are pretty much cowards who require a coterie of people to torture and wound the animal to make it easy for the pathetic psychopath with the cape to kill it. The only good matador, or picador, or banderillero, is a gored, dead one.

Just as disgusting are the people, Spanish and otherwise, who seek to prove their ‘bravery’ by harrying and harassing these animals in the streets during this annual display of human ugliness. And let’s not leave out the noble sadists who gather in arenas to watch this sick exercise of the human psyche.

Go bulls!


5 Responses

  1. I thought the same thing when I heard it on the news. I’d put them at the top of the list behind the base jumpers and the other “extreme sports” yahoos. No one should cry for these people for they knew the risks, and it’s the risks which provide the intensity of the rush they chase. Running with the bulls! What assess.

    As for bull fighting, that’s just silly. I’ll admit I’d pay money to watch some jackass try and dance around with a bull, rooting for the bull of course, but not to watch a bull slowly get tortured and killed.


  2. But, but, but, it is TRADITION!!! And religious tradition at that, right? So what if a few animals get killed or hurt as long as it glorifies god(s)!


    • They have a whole deep pile of bullshit on this issue. They call it traditon and have a whole language of ‘nobility’ to go with it. It’s still bullshit, it’s still cruel, and it’s still brutal and inhumane. I’d be perfectly happy to shove a few banderillas between the shoulders of the assholes with the capes, and then listen to them tell me how noble their fucking bloodsport is.


  3. I’ll cheer for the bulls, too, as long as they’re not from Chicago.


    • Given Chicago’s reputation as the slaughterhouse of the western world, the bulls would no doubt be content to avoid Chicago.


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