Palin Not Leaving Politics. Oh Goshdarn It!

Palin announced yesterday that she’s going to stick around, maybe even play a little rugby.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said she’s not only staying involved in national politics, but she plans to jump back into the scrum when she leaves office at the end of the month.

Apparently she likes being the ball.

The article provides an example of the future she envisions for herself in politics:

Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley announced Palin is scheduled to speak to the group’s private gala on Aug. 8 at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. The event – reporters will not be allowed to attend – will take place in a hangar that houses a retired Air Force One presidential aircraft.

The word is that reporters will be barred because they may have been palling around with Katie Couric, a known terrorist.

Sounds like the RWFOSV thinks it has something to hide.


16 Responses

  1. No, the reporters are banned from her speech because a few of them have the nasty and despicable habit of actually listening to what the silly little bint says. And then they have the gall to actually, you know, publish the inanity she has spewed. Which means that she and her handlers have to spend the next week simultaneously explaining that that is not what she meant and winking at the religio-conservative base to make sure they know she really did mean it. Much simpler to just keep the press out.

    I wonder if World Nut Daily will be allowed in? Maybe Pat Boone or Chuck Norris could dish up a healthy dose of [p]sychophancy?


    • Yes, but what’s a bint?


      • Definitions of bint on the Web:

        (also Digger slang) Woman, girl

        Slightly derogatory term for a young woman

        Binary integer, used in System RPL and appearing on the stack as, for example, .

        It is generally used as a milder form of cunt or bitch, with an added flavour of ignorance.


        • So Sarah Palin could be a binary integer… that might explain why there’s no depth or breadth to her views. She’s only got zero or one in her mind. Probably only one at a time.

          I’m not sure that computes.

          Maybe if I had more coffee…


          • I meant it in the derogatory sense in terms of an ignorant female, but the binary bit (sorry) works for most of our current crop of conservatives.

            Screw the coffee. Scotch. And Bocce!


            • I’ll see your Bocce and raise you a Petanque.


            • Ah, don’t get into a pique about the punk petanque. I know you old people get hung up on primitive games and tradition. I understand.


            • I think you need to meet my cousin Guido. He grinds up young punks like you to use for garden manure. I think he’s out on a day pass next week. I’ll send him down to visit. You’ll recognize him: he’ll be the big guy carving an A into your forehead (the A stands for AARP).

              P.S. It would probably not be a good idea to insult me while he’s working on your forehead. He’s not much fun when he gets mad.



  2. She can’t be expected to speak openly and plainly to real Americans if the fake Americans are listening. It’s like looking around first before telling an off color joke. Thing is, she’s a living, breathing off color joke. When her political career finally ends, it should be with her just throwing her arms out and exclaiming, “the Aristocrats!”


    • Kinda makes me wonder what an on-color joke would be? And what color would it be? And what color joke is she?

      (see comment about coffee above)


      • Well everything for her is either black or white, so there’s one way she’s off color. 🙂


        • Which brings it back to Binary Integer. On or off. Black or white.


        • That fits with Billy’s digital analysis. (Don’t think too hard about that statement.)


  3. My dad always said that the key to happiness in life is to find something you enjoy and then find someone stupid enough to pay you for doing it. If Guido enjoys it, and someone pays him, no problem.

    Wait. My forehead. Problem. I rescind the word ‘old.’


    • Guido works gratis. He’s into it. Kind of like the Schwarzenegger Terminator, but more graceful.


  4. Just for fun, here’s a funny video/song about the woman we love to hate:


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