Stupid Wingnut Remark

The Lion, known far and wide for his profound learning, for his wisdom and compassion, for his kindnesses to the less fortunate who occupy the opposite end of the political spectrum, here demonstrates his willingness to help those unfortunate creatures learn and grow, presenting to them the following remark gleaned from the local press, a remark written by one of the unfortunates, a remark illustrating why they have no business in politics, and why they tend to screw up everything they touch.

To wit:

Beyond the shadow of a doubt we [the United States] are the greatest country in the universe, and I’d expand that to the greatest country in the history of civilization.

The lesson therein, simplified, states ‘Engage brain before publishing’. Unfortunately the lesson will no doubt be wasted, as the wingnuts have shown time and again they have no awareness of the illogic of what they say, and since they generally operate at a severe disadvantage in civil, legal, and political matters requiring intelligence, The Lion feels assured that none of them will understand the failure of the quoted sentence.

So, screw ‘em.


5 Responses

  1. I find you hilarious.


    • Damn, I didn’t even know I was lost. Glad someone’s keeping track.



  2. Umm, none of that stuff that’s allegedly known “far and wide” about you has reached my neck of the suburbs yet. You may want to talk with your publicist about that.


    • Thanks for the heads up. I’ll speak to my publicist as soon as he gets out of the litter box.


  3. Well, we Americans do commit rather egregious errors in international relations and, because of our economic and military size, our mistakes can be some of the greatest in the world. So on that count, maybe they’re right. Far right. Whackaloon right.


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