Breaking News: Obama Family To Vacation On Martha’s Vineyard

Well, that’s what the folks on the Vineyard are saying. Apparently they are convinced the tall, skinny, wannabe basketball player will vacation there this summer, following in the footsteps of thousands of other tourists.

The Lion, taking advantage of the Vineyard’s latest coup d’president, would like to extend to Mr. Obama an invitation to visit Falmouth and sit down for an hour for a serious one-on-one brain-to-brain talk with The Lion.

Opportunities to talk with The Lion don’t pop up every day. This may be the only chance he gets.  Mr. Obama really should take advantage. It would be the coup of a lifetime for him. And of course it would be okay if he brings his Secret Service folks along. Mom can serve them lemonade, and there’s a Starbucks right out back. Mind the cats, though.


6 Responses

  1. Maybe his dog isn’t good around cats. He may also be more interested in the one-on-one of some b-ball, so limber up.


    • My turf, my terms. No dogs. And my game – petanque.


  2. I guess you won’t be getting Bo’s pawprint for me, then.


    Okay, I’ll settle for Barry and Michelle’s autographs.


    • Jeez, chappie, Bo’s a /dog/!


      • Hey, I like dogs!


        • Well, it’s good that you can face up to it and admit it. That’s half the battle.


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