Arizona Wants Gun Nuts To Carry Concealed In Bars

Arizona is the latest state to take flight from reality into the cozy caverns of paranoid fear that drive its legislators into abject stupidity. The State Senate just voted 19 – 8 to allow people to carry concealed weapons into bars.

The Lion wonders if the Loony Legislators from Tennessee migrated to Arizona recently.

From today’s Globe, the opposing lines of thought:

“We don’t let people drink and drive, why should we let them drink and carry guns?’’ said Senator Paula Aboud, Democrat of Tucson, who voted against the bill.

Ah, a sensible and thoughtful argument. The gun nuts of the NRA, who are behind the campaign to arm every man, woman, and child, whose largesse extends even to allowing terrorists to purchase guns in America because the Constitution says every two-year-old must have a gun, would of course find Ms. Aboud’s argument preposterous.

Supporters say they should be able to protect themselves even if they happen to be inside a business serving alcohol.“It’s very important that criminals are now afraid rather than law-abiding citizens,’’ said Senator Jack Harper, Republican of Surprise, the bill’s sponsor.

Perhaps if these people are so afraid of being accosted every time they leave home they should simply stay home, locked behind barricades of steel and chain to keep out the raging hordes of Goths, Huns, and Vandals rampaging across the land and headed straight for them whenever they leave the house. A word to the wise, Mr. Harper, a word to the wise. (It is, of course, no Surprise to The Lion that Senator Harper is a Republican. They have pretty much cornered the market of Dumbass these days.)

But perhaps we might look at the issue from the point of view of Mervyn the Mugger. Mervyn is not the brightest bulb in the criminal lineup, but he is a very good, accomplished mugger. The job pays the rent and he’s not about to give it up because his state is governed by NRA idiots.

What he will do now is assume that anyone he accosts is armed, thus requiring more violence, more force, and it’s probably best to knock the mark out before relieving him of his wallet and his gun. On the other hand, the old ways may work just as well. After all, how fast can you get your gun out of your holster when a determined street criminal has a knife set to slide between your ribs? And if Mervyn has his own gun, he’s not going confront his victim in an old-fashioned Western quick draw contest, which would appear to be the favorite fantasy of NRA gun nutters. Mervyn’s gun is going to be out and ready and that gun in the mark’s holster will have become a useless chunk of metal (or modern high impact plastic… whatever). Mervyn will walk away with a new gun and a fresh wallet. The gun nut victim will likely be leaning against the nearest wall, shaking and pissing his pants. Who’s afraid now, Senator Harper?

Yes, Senator Harper, the criminal class in Arizona is now quaking in their boots from the sheer joy of suddenly gaining access to an easy flood of new guns.

And the stupid class, having checked their brains at the door, now resides in the Arizona State Senate.



6 Responses

  1. We really need to shitcan just about all elected officials. Most of them are useless. Most of them are overpaid. We could save ourselves a lot of grief and money but just getting rid of them. (Not killing them, just firing them.)

    Which brings to mind that they see the average Joe losing their jobs and homes, but they vote on a pay raise for themselves. Or a freeze so their pay won’t go down.

    They should not be allowed to dictate their own pay.

    I digress.


    • Perhaps we might best sum up the condition of American politicians today by noting that most of them are stupid and/or ignorant and/or greedy and/or incompetent.

      You may digress as often as you like. This is a free digression zone.


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  3. With regard to the guns in bars law, any business can post a “No weapons” tag on their door and it must be obeyed. You are not allowed to walk-in carrying any weapon with or without a permit. An argument could be made that, “How can I tell when they hide it?” I don’t. Neither can any other person in any state that allows people to own a gun.

    It’s an unnecessary fix but a quick one none-the-less.


    • And here we are back in the nineteenth century in Dodge City with Wyatt Earp and his posting the place with signs saying ‘No guns beyond this point.’

      Yup. Progress, American style.

      Maybe we can find a way to post our politics with signs reading “No adolescent mentalities allowed”, which would immediately cost about ninety percent of all officeholders their jobs.


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