Michael Jackson And The News: Put A Sock In It!

How much longer must the country be subjected to the crocodile tears and endless repetitions of trivia and nonsense from Jackson’s life by news entertainers?

Subjecting the nation to endless hours of Jacksonian drivel, day after day, is nothing more than pandering to ratings and sucking up to the one percent of people who worship him.

This sort of thing is why news ‘personalities’ should be laughed at and mocked in public, this is why the ‘news’ can no longer be trusted to deliver timely and accurate information on anything that matters. Their priorities are their hair and their ratings.

Televised news has all the authenticity of a television reality show. Both are a case of idiots speaking to idiots. Jackson is just the latest case of the media betraying the real needs of the real world.

The little freak is dead. His music lives on. Stick him in the ground and move on.


4 Responses

  1. true but then again he was much loved – im sure the news will die down eventually – then you will see the rise of a million jackson acts around the world.


  2. what a bunch on ninnies!

    I don’t think he ever wrote a song or played a musical instrument. Everything that he is “loved” for was staged, made up, choreographed, dubbed…

    Although he does have rhythm:

    But can he hold a candle to this pole dancer?


    • girl du jour, he did write music.


  3. hear hear! I dont get all the fuss…ok, his music was all right but thats all…


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