Maybe It’s Time To Do Unto Iran…

Now that the mullah leadership of Iran has revealed its psychotic soul to the world and reveled in the blood of innocents, perhaps it’s time for the United States to rethink its options.

The Lion sees a couple of possibilities.

Given that the mullahship is now likely to feel even more paranoid about the Satans of the West, it’s not unreasonable to suggest that they might actually change their tune and go full-bore after nuclear weapons. And for the same reason they might well consider using them, albeit covertly through hidden channels.

So maybe it might not be a bad idea now to bomb their nuclear facilities. And maybe nail a few top mullahs at the same time.

That said, The Lion notes that it would be a bad idea to include Israel in any such action. They should be clearly kept out of it. Using one rabid dog to attack another rabid dog is not a good idea in any case. Pretty soon all the dogs in the neighborhood would be infected.

Another possibility for turning out the mullahs would be to covertly arm the populace. Smuggle in small arms. Put them in the hands of people who are willing to go into the streets and fight the Islamothug basij and police and military.

If they want freedom they’re going to have to fight for it. They say they’re willing. They’re also outgunned. The United States, of course, is in no position to make changes in Iran. Leading people to freedom at the point of a gun doesn’t work well: the costs are huge in lives and money, the results are wildly uncertain at best, and the wounds take generations to heal, if ever. The only liberty that lasts and that works is the liberty a people gain for themselves.

All that said, neither course of action suggested here is likely to be wise (The Lion is not noted for wisdom). The results of the first action would likely be another World Trade Center action in due time, followed by another act of revenge by the United States, followed by…

The second course, arming the dissidents, can have no foreseeable outcome. It might turn out well, it might simply lead to chaos and the birth of an even more psychotic theocracy. The quandary is elemental though. Removing the theological nutcases that run the country would be a plus, locally and globally, but the only people who can do it, absent popping a cruise missile into a meeting of the chief mullahs, are the Iranians, and it is ludicrous to think they can do it with their bare hands against the highly organized, armed, and vicious thugs employed by the government.

The Lion has come to think that talking to the current Iranian leadership is like talking to a Christian fundogelical about evolution: there is no point to it, they are not competent reasoners, no fact will sway them from ignorance. Perhaps the best thing to do is to do nothing. The leadership are neither rational nor sane and we might be best off simply waiting for the government to collapse under the weight of its own psychosis. Of course, it might not hurt to give a little nudge here and there.

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  1. Wow. You’re not supposed to be buying into the bullshit, remember ? The CIA has said – twice! – that Iran is not into WMD.
    Please consider the fairy tales you know are going on : and think about this scenario. The Russians put nukes into Cuba because it was pushback against nukes on ICBMs in Turkey – a NATO ally : Cuban Missile Crisis.
    Later they withdrew armies from Eastern Europe under the agreement that no nuke missiles would be sited there.
    Lately they’ve been p.o.’d about NATO moving in on Eastern Europe and infringing on their sphere of influence.
    These are the people who supposedly armed their neighbour with the raw material for WMD and continue to provide them with fusion – not fission fuel ?
    Hahahahaha. That is frakkin insane, man!
    Meantime Israel has 200 nukes and India gets nuke tech- not a member signatory against nuclear weapons proliferation like Iran is…inspections were made…then again they were made in Iraq too, weren’t they ?
    Do you know where the noise is coming from on Iran ? Mr. Cheney’s spin machine : the same one that made the process of turning yellowcake into fertilizer morph into WMD.
    Check the Arms Controls Wonk’s report on that – you know where my links are if you can’t get there any other way. Under Uranium…here it is anyway
    Ahmadinejad has been ginned up a farce of what he really says for years. How many of us speak Persian anyway ? Luckily I picked up a comment from a Yank who had been stationed in Turkey that b.s. was the order of the day – as reported by Spiegel too.
    Old news.
    You know me. I don’t write stuff – but I catalogue like mad. Time you at least read the list of articles on my Links page.
    BTW I’ve moved to for my news updates. Lists are still at


  2. My point was that the leadership of Iran has revealed themselves to be corrupt and irrational to a degree that I believe was not commonly known until the dustup over the elections. While before this I was willing to accept that they were not going for nuclear weapons, now I’m not so sure, and I wouldn’t trust anything that came from their government. That said, I think I made it clear that bombing them wouldn’t be intelligent, no more than trying to destabilize them via interference using terror and assassination and other tricks from CIA’s neocon playbook. I would favor making small arms available if the people are fully willing to change their government by going up against the police, the paramilitary, and the Guard. If they had small arms available I think the outcome of the civil discord would have been different. But that’s as far as I think we should go, if that. No troops, no CIA subversion, no sabotage. Any whiff of CIA or US government intervention and any opportunity that might exist would be lost for another generation.

    On another level, Iran pursuing nukes would be a rational act, given Israel’s stockpile and Israel’s rabid willingness to slaughter people, and given that Pakistan and India have nukes, and given the instability of the entire region. Rational, but insane. The United States has no moral authority to act against Iran, on any level, if it should pursue nukes: we lost that authority with our one-sided support of Israel and our refusal to condemn Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons.

    I think the biggest danger about Iran is that the country is run by medieval theocrats, by definition delusional. It’s not that Iran might get or have nuclear weapons that poses a danger. It’s that the weapons would be in the hand of religious delusionists. Any country run by theocrats is dangerous.


  3. Rick – given the hysteria manufactured over Iran’s election – don’t you smell a rat ? Kenya blew up in December : didn’t hear anything from the MSM. Coverage about as good as that covering arrests of Americans before the Presidenial election.
    I’ve posted a link to a Canadian website devoted to decent translations of Ahmadinejad for years : because first Spiegel and then Blue Girl’s son – They Gave Us a Republic – noted that what was coming out of ‘tanslation’ bore no resemblance to what was actually being said.
    It’s been a pain of late because I’ve been moving from Opera to Blogger and posted some posts at TPM Cafe Opit too ! But even one decent post gives a whole ‘nother outlook on what the situation in Iran is really like.
    And Ahmadinejad ? Old news, but here it is
    And yes, I have been posting other stories which go so far as to cite a $400 million CIA campaign to institute a Twitter Revolution- I’m pretty sure that one was at Signs of the Times. Bluebloggin was coming from pretty well the same place you are – I think you both have swallowed bait Hook, Line and Sinker.


  4. BTW Because of the ‘Poisoning the Well’ ad hominems about Ahmadinejad ( even that’s an interesting concept ) I bought into the bumpf pre-discrediting him re: Holocaust. What he actually said was that people were ignoring one Holocaust on the pretext of abstract justification of another : a reference to Palestine. US policy on that drives me nutzoid too : including Obama.
    Head realignment prescription : Watch the YouTube post about Ahmadinejad and Holocaust where he is interviewed on US TV. The attempts to spin and direct the interview are overwhelmingly obvious.


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