Michael Jackson Dead. Farrah Fawcett Dead. News Media Self-Destruct Again.

Okay, nobody remembers that Farrah Fawcett died yesterday about an hour before Jackson kicked off. Apparently the news media have also forgotten she died, even though they were in the midst of trying to suck ratings from her death.

Now, of course, they’ll try to suck bigger ratings from Jackson’s death. They’ll treat us to days and days of 24/7 Jacksonia to be followed by extensive ongoing coverage of the vultures who will assuredly crawl out to feed on his corpse. It is possible, though, that since the guy who turned crotch-grabbing into high art owed $400,000,000, that we’ll be spared the Anna Nicole Smith Syndrome: the Jackson vultures might not want to put themselves at risk of having to assume some of that debt.

The psychotic Iranian mullahs are probably laughing their rag hats off in relief. They know the news media will be focusing on the death of the whiny, seriously neurotic entertainer instead of on their brutal, death-dealing attacks on their own people.

The Republicans in America are no doubt gleeful that the news shows won’t be paying attention to them as they sabotage any meaningful reform on health care, on energy use, on the financial crisis. And of course we won’t be hearing about Governor Sanford waving his penis in Argentina.

The Lion would venture a guess that there are two hundred ninety nine million people in the United States who don’t give a damn about Jackson, but who will be subjected to the suppression of legitimate news and information by the established news media as they seek ratings and as they polish their egos and careers on Jackson’s corpse.

No wonder the country’s in such a mess.


12 Responses

  1. You forgot Ed McMahon. These things happen in threes, do they not? Or at least someone somewhere on the news will waste time bringing that up while neglecting actual news.

    On the bright side, at least there’s no Republican whack job who’s realized what you’re saying and decided to kill a celebrity or kidnap a pretty little white girl in order to divert news attention… yet.


    • I’ve always tried very hard to forget Ed McMahon, and had actually succeeded until you brought him up. Damn you, Philly Chief, damn you!! May your feathers get moldy and fall out!!

      Despite that, it does my heart good to know that someone can still see the bright side of things…


  2. I think that Michael Jackson is a freak. Farrah Fawcett, on the other hand, I found likeable and resourceful.



    • He was. She was.

      I didn’t really pay much attention to either one or care how they lived their lives. Jackson wrote a catchy tune. She had some acting chops. But for either one to be used to dictate the news, to gain ratings, demonstrates how profoundly shallow our professional arbiters of information are.


  3. This is why Al Gore and I invented the internet – so that we can go to a news page and skip over the fluff. Unfortunately, most Americans have a TV addiction which partly explains the national attention spans and intellectual levels.

    Yes, I *did* say “Al Gore and I”.

    He helped…


    • I just knew all along that you were famous for something.


  4. Just curious… did Michael Jackson ever compose a song or play a musical instrument?


    • I was under the impression that he wrote lyrics but not music, but I could be wrong (hard to believe, I know). The only instrument he played was apparently his crotch, given the number of times he grabbed it in performance; sort of made me think he had an infection.


  5. The only instrument he played was apparently his crotch, given the number of times he grabbed it in performance…

    People probably paid a lot more to watch him “dance” while masturbating than they would have paid at Blockbuster to rent a couple of porn movies.


    • You’re kidding?! Blockbuster rents porn flicks? And you know this how?



  6. Actually, I don’t think Blockbuster rents porn at all. I just couldn’t think of another video outlet, so I plugged in Blockbuster’s name.


    • That might explain why I could never find the forbidden back room at the local Blockbuster.


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