Another Godly Republican Cheats On His Wife, Weeps In Public, Begs Forgiveness, Models Hypocrisy For Children

Governor Mark Sanford of South California misled his staff, abandoned his post, ran off to Argentina to be with his lover, and then came back and held, just now, the obligatory God-quoting, weepy press conference claiming how sorry he was about all of it while spouting dime-store philosophy about life.

Is it obligatory for Republicans to cheat on their wives and subject the public to the pathetic spectacle of saying how sorry they are?

And why do they cling to their public office after demonstrating just how unfit for it they are? This guy not only cheated on his wife, he misled his staff as to his whereabouts, he left them no way to get in touch with him, he abandoned his duties as Governor of South Carolina.

And The Lion wishes they’d not bring God into it when they whine about their failings. God didn’t run off to Argentina to screw a broad. God didn’t push John Ensign between the legs of his employee. But it’s always God this, God that, with these guys.

They’re hypocrites and liars. And if they lie and cheat on their families you can bet that they can’t be trusted in public office.


7 Responses

  1. Interesting thoughts. I think if anything we need to put more upstanding characters in office. But I feel that public office beacons power seeking folks.


    • I’m of the mind that people who want public office badly enough to run for it are prima facie unfit to hold office.

      But then I’m a little extreme in my views… 🙂


  2. Has the American Family Association or Focus on the Family broken away from the Grand Old Philanderers yet?


    How strange.


  3. How quickly we forget the Democrats that cheat as well. Its not a republican or democrat thing…its the sinful nature of man. Why do people categorize cheaters by party affiliation? Lets wake all wake up and get a clue.


  4. Of course Democrats cheat. But the Democrats haven’t been braying for decades that they’re the party of moral values and high standards. The Republicans have been boasting of their ‘family values’ and castigating the Democrats for years as lacking said values. And yet one after another Republicans have been caught cheating on their wives, humping prostitutes, lying yada yada yada. At least Democrats have the sense to resign their offices when caught out. Not the oh-so-moral Republicans. Sanford lied about this, and he was one of those who demanded that Clinton resign the Presidency over a similar issue. But we don’t see holier-than-thou Mark Sanford resigning his office, do we? Or Senator Ensign. Or Senator Craig. Or Senator Vitter. They’re liars and hypocrites of the first order.

    All of which is to say that we do have a clue, we absolutely have a clue.


  5. Yes, I agree with Ric. Of course both sides of the aisle have had their share of cheating, infidelity, etc., BUT the Repugs have always held themselves up to be so moral and perfect and the party to vote for if we want oh so perfect people in office. They are the ones who ripped Clinton apart and wouldn’t let it go even when polls showed that the public wasn’t interested. They just wanted the country taken care of. My point is – stop being so judgmental, Repugs, because you are just as bad if not worse for pretending you’re something you’re not!!


  6. break free from the affair review…

    […]Another Godly Republican Cheats On His Wife, Weeps In Public, Begs Forgiveness, Models Hypocrisy For Children « Grumpy Lion[…]…


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