North Korea Not So Crazy After All?

Michael Parenti has a different take on North Korea over at Common Dreams.

From the conclusion:

After years of encirclement and repeated rebuffs from Washington, years of threat, isolation, and demonization, the Pyongyang leaders are convinced that the best way to resist superpower attack and domination is by developing a nuclear arsenal. It does not really sound so crazy. As already mentioned, the United States does not invade countries that are armed with long-range nuclear missiles (at least not thus far).   

Having been pushed to the brink for so long, the North Koreans are now taking a gamble, upping the ante, pursuing an arguably "sane" deterrence policy in the otherwise insane world configured by an overweening and voracious empire.  

Worth reading.

3 Responses

  1. Sounds like the rationale for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Pushed and pushed by sanctions on numbers of vessels and access to resources like coal, oil and steel, they kicked us in the nuts.

    Now some say the pushing was intended to produce a response by the Japanese, so FDR could finally get the US officially into WWII (US was already doing everything but fighting). What if, either originally intended or now as a new excuse, N. Korea getting a nuclear dong (hey, that’s their name for their rockets) is what allows for a US strike? Just as they might feel they had no choice but to upgrade their dongs, the US could say they had no choice but to strike them. I mean, if a “madman” gets such a weapon, what else could the US do?


    • I understand their newest rocket is a Ding Dong. One hopes we don’t get dinged by their latest dong. Perhaps the next generation of rockets will be Ring Dings.


      • I’m sorta partial to Hostess cream-filled cupcakes myself.


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