Bush Breaks Silence, Proves He Is Still An Idiot

The scuzzball just couldn’t keep his mouth shut and fade away into history as the worst piece of mental trash ever to inhabit the Oval Office. After eight years of this arrogant fool, after all the damage he and his cronies and fellow criminals did, he just couldn’t go away gracefully.

No, not George W. Bush. He’s back, inflicting his damaged brain on the country once more. And telling the same damned lies and fairy tales. Can someone please send this clown away for electroschlock therapy?

He’s worse than a damned whack-a-mole. He’s more akin to slime mold; nothing kills slime mold. It’s frigging forever.


10 Responses

  1. No kidding, he should have just stayed quiet. Now, he’s got a shit-storm coming for him. Wonder if he’ll continue like Cheney or if he’ll back away.


    • Maybe someone will put a shoe in his mouth and shut him up.


  2. If Bush ever gets Alzheimer’s Disease, how will anyone know?


    • I thought he was deep into it in 2001.


  3. He’s like a bad cold -lingers on and on and on ….


  4. “We kept score last November, and we won,” Gibbs said.

    That sums it up pretty well, although I would have been tempted to throw back a Bush-ism and say, “well, I guess the historians will one day say who’s right and who’s wrong.”

    What I’m curious to hear is what was the prompting to get W out there. Are his peeps pushing him? Are GOP strategists pushing him? Who’s behind this return, because I don’t see that jackass doing it on his own. I get that he’s going to try and cash in on the speaking tour (which is pretty fucking amazing when you think about it, W making money for speaking), but I don’t see him thinking up these remarks on his own. Who are his handlers?


    • It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s doing it on his own. He’s motivated by his arrogance and by money. He appears to have virtually no self-awareness, and certainly no awareness of the effects his words and actions have on others (death, chaos, destruction). There’s precious few other ways to describe a guy who says he won’t criticize the current president because he didn’t like when it was done to him, and then goes ahead and criticizes Obama. He’s just not all there mentally or emotionally, not by a long shot, but he does have arrogance and greed working for him.


      • A little swagger and arrogance can be a good thing if you have a clue, otherwise it just makes you a jackass.


        • Hmmm. Logically, then, Bush is a jackass. Maybe he could get a role in one of those Jackass movies. He could be the post that someone runs a snowmobile into.


  5. which is pretty fucking amazing when you think about it, W making money for speaking

    That’s hilarious, in a pathetic sort of way.


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