A Nation Of Four-Year-Olds: That’s How The Media Views America

Today on CNN Kara Finnstrom revealed the reason American news media can’t provide honest news and reporting.

Finnstrom was reporting from a Los Angeles outfit collecting as much news and imagery from the Iranian troubles as they can. The operators are Iranian expatriates and apparently favor changes in Iran.

Significantly, Finnstrom said that she couldn’t show some of the images because they weren’t ‘’appropriate” for television.

What a load of crap! Television has no problem broadcasting some of the most vicious violence imaginable on its crime shows and movies, but it suddenly gets all prim and prudish when it comes to the real world, to showing what really goes on in situations like that of Iran.

CNN obviously thinks its viewers are idiot four-year-olds whose lives might be damaged beyond repair if exposed to the real ‘real world’.

This concept goes to the heart of why the vast bulk of television news is bullshit and useless, and it also goes to the heart of American arrogance in the world. When we bomb civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and the military says we killed only ‘enemies’ of one sort or another, the goddam news people should be putting images of the bloody, shattered bodies of the children American weapons and soldiers killed and they should be challenging the Pentagon.

And regarding Iran, show us the images of people being beaten by government troops. Show us the bodies murdered by government operatives. Show us how tyranny really works, and show us how important freedom really is to other people in the world. Had Americans been exposed to that, maybe they wouldn’t have taken so lightly the corrupt decision by the Supreme Court in 2000 that denied the country a fair result; just maybe Americans would have gone into the street to demand their government clean itself up.

As long as the Americans are content to be treated like children, to act like ignorant children, as long as they refuse to seek and find the facts and the truth, as long as they want to be spoon fed by fatuous news ‘personalities’, other countries, other people will suffer and die at the hands of the global village idiot, the United States.


2 Responses

  1. But- childhood is fun, isn’t it? No bills to pay, someone else cooks your supper and washes your clothes…. Of course, homework is always a bitch.


    • American childhood: A nation as spoiled brat.


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