Twitter, CNN, And The News

Recently The Lion conducted a rigorous, detailed, scientific survey of the contents of Twitter Tweets. Strict methodology was followed and results were crosschecked with alternative sources.

The results: Conclusive proof that ninety nine point nine percent of everything Twittered, or Tweeted, is Twittershit or Tweetshit.

The Lion would also like to note that if CNN spent as much time on hard news as they do on bragging on and explaining their Twittish technology and reading mindnumbingly useless and irrelevant comments from Twitterers, they might come up with an actual news organization.

If The Lion wants informed and uninformed opinions he can read Grumpy Lion. CNN bills itself as a news organization but except for the rare bit of intelligent comment and news from the likes of Christiane Amanpour CNN does little more these days than organize drivel and spew it out.

Credit where credit is due though. CNN is a cut above its sister channel, Headline News, but barely, and only because Nancy Grace and Jane Velez drag HLN down into melodrama and slime every night. But they would appear to be balanced by Lou Dobbs and his forays into distortion, phony drama, and his abuse of fact and evidence. Maybe it’s a wash.

It doesn’t help CNN that their mainstay anchor, Wolf Blitzer, can’t ask a simple question without turning it into a convoluted piece of rhetoric that injects his own views into the interview. Of course it appears to be the current fashion these days for interviewers/anchors to talk at least twice as much as their interviewees, resulting in interviews that produce much noise and little light.

If the Founding Fathers had had to build a free republic using the likes of CNN as an information channel for the citizens, the United States would be neither united nor states nor free. We would be a nation of Twitiots, spewing vast volumes of words signifying nothing.

Perhaps something like today’s America?


10 Responses

  1. Tweetshit

    I like it. Good term.


  2. Nancy Grace’s unprofessional actions and conduct are some of the many reasons why she’s been fired from every single previous job she’s ever had. The JVM show with Jane Valez-Mitchell is the current show said to be the show to take over Nancy’s time-slot when CNN finally fires Nancy, which is expected soon. With Nancy continually being sued and losing every one, a CNN employee has said they expect that after Nancy’s state and federal lawsuits filed against Nancy are completed that the result will require the elimination from Nancy Grace from the airways due in part to the bad publicity and also because of Nancy’s documented drug and alcohol addiction problems that CNN has been unsuccessful at managing, assisting with, or controlling.


  3. “a rigorous, detailed, scientific survey …. ninety nine point nine percent of everything Twittered, or Tweeted, is Twittershit or Tweetshit.”

    I’ve never seen that put better.


  4. TV news is crap. The best news show is still the Daily Show. How fucked up is that?

    In case you weren’t aware, some twitiot rigged his home toilet to automatically post a tweet each time it’s used, which would be a more literal take on “tweetshit”.


    • ROFL, but probably only because I just found out I have to have another root canal on a tooth.

      One could probably make a punjoke about roto-rooter, but please don’t.

      Agree on the Daily Show. And Colbert.


  5. I agree about Christiane Amanpour AND everything you say about twitter.

    It would not suprise me at all if “some twitiot rigged his home toilet to automatically post a tweet each time it’s used”.

    I am guessing that Twitter is popular because so many people are unemployed these days. OR maybe they are unemployed because they “twitter”?


  6. Okay, there is actually someone “tweeting” their toilet. Even more disturbing is the number of “followers”.

    What does this say about our society?


    • It says we’re up to our neck.


  7. God I hate CNN. Everything to them is “a wash” and it’s always “welp… there’s 2 sides to this issue, next up… are your children in danger?” I’d rather watch half MSNBC and half Fox News.


  8. George Bush lied to take us to war, but let’s be fair… all politicians lie… it’s a wash. CNN, the most trusted name in news.


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