NRA Numbnuts Own Obama, Continue Paranoid Quest For A Return To The Wild West

Derrick Jackson has a good column in today’s Globe about the numbnuts of the Numbnut Rifle Association succeeding in pushing their paranoid, neurotic love of guns onto the whole nation with the willing help of the Democrats and President Obama.

As we all know, the NRA wants one single, applicable rule of guns anywhere, anytime. It recently rolled Obama and the Democratic-led Congress into allowing loaded guns in national parks. It has silenced the Democrats on bringing back the lapsed assault weapons ban. Also last week, the fear-mongering of the NRA about attackers preying on loved ones around every corner persuaded the Tennessee Legislature to override Governor Phil Bredesen’s veto of a bill that allows people to carry firearms into restaurants and bars where alcohol is served.

Good thinking, Tennessee. Numbskulls whose self-esteem depends on carrying a gun can now carry their esteem into a bar full of drunks and then proceed to get drunk. That bit of legislative legerdemain earns the legislators of Tennessee a place at the very top of the All-Time All-Star Stupid Legislators list.

As for Obama, Jackson notes:

If there is one place Obama can take a stand, it ought to be Chicago. Once upon a time, he had lots to say about gun violence and assault weapons being found near schools. Throughout the presidential campaign, he said he was confident America could find common ground between rural family traditions of hunting and children being hunted down and slaughtered on city streets. He often referred to specific numbers of Chicago public school children being killed.


Since Obama has been president, the NRA has been getting what it wants, no regulations and a censoring of reasonable, thoughtful debate. Meanwhile, the children in Chicago keep getting mowed down, with three dozen school-age children killed so far this year.

Read the column. The last two paragraphs alone are worth the time.

5 Responses

  1. …three dozen school-age children killed so far this year.

    Jesus Christ! That’s a horrible statistic. Oops, I forgot – guns don’t kill people, people kill people (with guns, quite often, but who’s nitpicking?).


    • Of course the NRA solution to schoolchildren being killed by people with guns would be to give guns to schoolchildren. The NRA won’t be happy until everyone has a gun or two, maybe even an anti-tank RPG. When the United States looks like Afghanistan then the NRA might finally be happy. Come to think of it, maybe the gummint should just send the entire NRA to live permanently in Afghanistan. Not only would we get rid of the NRA psychos, most of them would end up dead within a year or so, killed by people who know what guns are really about, not what the NRAites fantasize they’re about.


  2. Dude, you want to see some wingnuts. I’ve spent the past couple days tracking them on YouTube. It’s INSANITY. Go there and do a keyword search using things like “oath keeper FEMA camps”. Or just check out the videos of a user “July4Patriot”. Only if you are in the mood for chills.


    • You’re a masochist. Admit it. You need help. Or a gun. Actually, I’d go for the gun myself. Too many crazy motherfuckers out there. Where can I get an RPG setup? Maybe a couple of AKs? More Xanax? Oh, hey, let’s put a shitload of Xanax in the water supply of some of the militia camps.


  3. Thank you for great post!


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