Iraq Insurgents Use Teens In Attacks. Oh, How Evil!

Today’s Globe carries an AP story by Kim Gamel noting that Iraq ‘insurgents’ are recruiting and using teenagers between 14 and 19 to kill American soldiers.

We, as citizens of the Great America, are expected to be outraged, no doubt.

The Lion’s not.

In the first place, an Iraq teenager bears no resemblance to the numbingly vacuous teenagers who populate the American landscape.

Iraqi teens have grown up under a dictatorship and a brutal and illegal invasion and occupation by a foreign power and now have their very own corrupt government. Much as they might like to inhabit the empty-headed dreamland of American teen mentality, they don’t have that choice. All they’ve known is death, destruction, and betrayal, and most of that has come at the hands of Americans and the policies of Americans. It is no big step for them to toss a grenade into an American military vehicle, and they have the right to do so until every American soldier has left the country.

In the second place stands normal American hypocrisy.

Are we to believe that the American military doesn’t recruit high school students to kill and bomb and maim women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan? Our killers include a goodly number of eighteen year olds, not to mention the younger ones who sometimes slip through.

Are we to believe that the glossy advertising the military uses to promote its lies about honor and glory and duty are any less of a brainwashing tool than anything an Al Qaeda recruiter does or says? Especially given that those Iraqi youths know what war is, know what it does, know that death by bomb or sniper or automatic weapon is ugly and brutal and would make the average American, teen or not, vomit uncontrollably. Americans may be the only people left in the world who actually believe war is carnage-free, noble, and glorious.

Put some shredded bodies of children and women in those expensive military ads and let’s see how many recruits get sucked into joining the Army or Marines.

Let’s save our outrage for what the American government does, not for what the people America brutalizes do to protect themselves and to survive.


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