GM Buying Puff Ads On The Taxpayer’s Dollar

General Motors, the company that drove itself into bankruptcy and that has taken tens of billions of taxpayer dollars, courtesy of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who seem to think that more cars is just what a planet dying of the diseases of cars and humans needs, is running full page puff ads telling newspaper readers just how wonderful GM is despite being run into the ground by its executives.

The Lion would guess that GM is running these ads all around the country, likely in at least a couple of hundred newspapers. Figure they’re paying five to ten thousand dollars a pop. In the big scheme of things, not a lot of money, maybe a couple of million each day the ads run.

The ads don’t say anything useful or necessary. They’re just fluff and puff, image dress-up, new outfits for Ken and Barbie. They’re the stuff that normal people struggling to keep their jobs and their homes would call bullshit.

The Lion wonders how many blue-collar jobs could have been saved with that two million dollars a day worth of pillow stuffery.

GM: Your hard-earned, shrinking dollars helping prop up the princely salaries and perks of overpaid executives. That’s the American way.


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