David Ortiz, Red Sox Player, Overpaid, Underperforming, Still Has A Job

David Ortiz, former slugger for the Boston Red Sox, is being paid thirteen million dollars this year to hit a baseball.

He hasn’t done his job.

The sports establishment is saying, “Aw, poor guy, he’s having some problems. Must be tough for him.”

If David Ortiz worked in the real world he’d have been fired for doing lousy work, or no work. He’d have been fired for incompetence, for being a screw-up, for not showing up.

But nope, he gets to keep his thirteen million dollar payday, while real people, who the Red Sox rip off every day, struggle to keep their jobs and their homes, to put food on the table and buy clothes for their kids.

And what does this overpaid player of a kid’s game contribute to society, contribute to solving the problems facing society, indeed, civilization? Him and his egotistical overpaid buddies?


Oh, sure they create make-work jobs for sportswriters and sportscasters, and some of them even give a little bit to charity now and then, no doubt.

But their genuine contribution? Nothing. They’re not even entertaining. The worst minor league team is more interesting and plays better baseball, plays real baseball, plays the game the average person can identify with, warts and all. The major leaguers live in an alienated world of pompousness, privilege, and perks and the height of their morality and ethical concern centers on how to sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Hell, they charge children for autographs. Millions of dollars a year in salary and they charge for autographs. Real heroes.

But poor old David Ortiz can’t hit a baseball and we’re expected to sympathize and worry.

Screw him and the Sox and the major leagues. Fire his ass or send him down to some podunk minor league team. And cut his pay. No performance, no pay. Just like the real world.


2 Responses

  1. This is just one more example of what the fuck is wrong with major league sports, particularly baseball. If Major League Baseball goes belly-up one day, will the American people bail them out too?


    • chappie –

      Don’t you miss the days when you could hang out in church on Sunday instead of responding to Lionatic rants? 🙂


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