Go Washington! Best Baseball On Television

As his millions of dedicated readers know, The Lion is no fan of baseball, especially the professional game, which he regards as overhyped, narcissistic, and egotistic. And boring.

But for several days now The Lion has been watching, avidly, the Women’s College World Series of fast-pitch softball. Now that’s exciting baseball. Emotional and emotionally committed. Seriously skilled. Real tension. Real teams and not very much ego. Not a prima donna in the bunch.

Washington beat Florida in two games for the championship, and damn, but it was great! All the drama a person could want. Can’t wait till next year.

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2 Responses

  1. I am amazed at the speed they can attain with the big ball. I understand why baseball banned underhand pitching — pitchers last longer and can throw harder underhand. Had to slow the ball down for the men, y’know.


    • The pitchers routinely throw at 69 and 70 miles an hour, which is the equivalent of 95 -100 mph in major league baseball since the ball only travels a little over forty feet. I recall that Jenny Finch, one of the best, did a demo pitching to a major league hitter, and he couldn’t hit her.


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