The Military’s Gay Idiocy

A story by Bryan Bender in today’s Globe demonstrates the nuttiness of the politics of having gays in the military.

In recent weeks, White House officials have declared that the president still intends to follow through on his campaign promise, but will not intervene on current cases while the policy remains in place. At the same time, other administration officials have suggested a go-slow approach to ensure gays can be fully integrated with as little disruption as possible.

Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates recently likened overturning the ban to integrating blacks into the military, a process that took five years. The cautious view was also expressed by Army General David Petraeus, who oversees the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when he told a questioner at Kansas State University last month that "I’m not sure we want to add something else to our plate right now."

The “go-slow” approach on fully integrating gays into the military? The Lion hates to be the one to break the news to the poobahs and harumphers, but gays are already integrated into the military. Thousands of them, apparently. They do their jobs every day and do them as well as the non-gay soldiers.

‘Going slow’ assumes there aren’t any gays in the military but that they’re knocking on the door. They’re there, now, and the so-called ban on gays serving in the military is a joke, a tale told by idiots, signifying nothing about reality.

The only things the ‘ban’ on gays does is 1) provides a way out for anyone fed up with the military and its senseless operations over the last eight years, and 2) prevents gays with much-needed skills and abilities (like Arabic speakers and translators) from serving.

Secretary Gates and General Petraeus identify with and encourage this nonsense.

Gates talks about taking five years to integrate blacks into the military as if the country hadn’t changed in sixty years, and as if the gays weren’t already everywhere in the military.

As for Petraeus, same thing. He’s not adding anything to the plate he’s filled up with the senselessness of America’s entire Middle East and Asian operations. The damned fool probably has gays on his staff. What’s to add? He’s out there proving his manhood by killing as many Afghans, Iraqis, and now Pakistanis, as well as American soldiers, as he can. “Look, I have a career and a penis. I’m a hero. Ain’t got no gays here. I’m a man. Don’t you touch my battle ribbons, sonny.”

Too late, guys. You’re surrounded.


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  1. Daily Show


  2. Good post and good clip. DADT is idiotic, as are Petraeus and Gates on this issue.


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