The Lion’s Globe Hypocrisy. Not The Real Deal.

The Lion thanks the thousands of you who wrote in to complain about The Lion’s hypocrisy about no longer buying the Boston Globe because of the recent fifty percent price increase.

These astute fans have noted that The Lion continues to quote the Globe here at Grumpy Lion.

How can that be, they ask?

Well, perhaps The Lion is going to the library to read the paper. Or perhaps he is scrounging the newspaper from trash bins in the dark of night. Or perhaps he is reading it online.

Well, no, none of the above.

The Lion is a creature of habit, one who seeks continuing comforts as he slips into decrepitude. The daily newspaper, the actual objective, inky, papery, crinkly newspaper is one of those comforts.

And The Lion is not, as some would have it, stupid.

Seeking compromise in an uncompromising world, The Lion signed on for a half-price subscription to the noble Globe. So now The Lion can Globalize to his heart’s content for four months before having to make the decision again whether to continue his comforting habit.

Thank you one and all for your thoughts.

(Okay, The Lion made all that up, pretty much. Nobody said anything. Probably thought it though, didn’t you, Philly? But The Lion did get the half-price subscription and does like his comforts.)


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