From today’s Globe:

Headline: Waits to see Hub doctors grow longer. Busiest practices have no openings for a year.

What was that right-wing complaint commercial the other day about long waits for healthcare in Britain and Canada?


Scummy Republican lead paragraph:

WASHINGTON – The former head of the nation’s pension insurance agency, who last year pushed through a high-risk strategy that shifted the insurance fund heavily into stocks just before the market crash, committed a "clear violation" of agency rules by contacting Wall Street firms that were bidding to oversee the new policy, while also seeking the help of one firm in gaining employment, according to a government report.

The fellow, one Charles E. F. Millard, was told ‘multiple times’ not to contact the Wall Street bidders. But he did it multiple times, and nobody stopped him. That must be the ‘free market’ Republicans keep talking about. You’re free to screw anyone anytime if it benefits you.


Democrats avoid the obvious…

WASHINGTON – House Democrats are crafting a plan that would require all Americans to carry health insurance and would help families making less than $88,000 pay the premiums.

Guys, if you’re going to pay for the insurance, why not just cut out the insurance and pay for the healthcare? You’d save a bundle by not paying those insurance executives for their penthouses and primo cars and pricey hookers and fancy mansions, and the salaries of all those drones toiling away in the bowels of fancy buildings finding new ways to deny people coverage.


Israeli Prime Minister An Anti-Semite

Benji Netanyahu, speaking of Pope Jonny Rats after their meeting:

He said Benedict said "he condemns all such things, anti-Semitism, hate," adding: "I think we found in him an attentive ear."

One might note that the Palestinians are Semites, and that old Benji would like nothing better than for them to disappear off the face of the earth so that Israel can finish stealing the rest of their land.

As for Pope Rats’ ‘attentive ear’ The Lion notes that Jonny Rats has demonstrated conclusively it is made of low-grade tin.


Just an idle thought… When sportswriters have to get real jobs, we’ll know the country is on its way to becoming sane and rational.

5 Responses

  1. Guys, if you’re going to pay for the insurance, why not just cut out the insurance and pay for the healthcare?

    Because it makes sense?


  2. Remember: to a conservative, if the government can make money doing something, that means there is a market for the service, and it should be done by private industry; if the government loses money doing something (and neither can private industry), then the government shouldn’t be doing it as there is no market for the service (like commuter rail). Keep this in mind when trying to make heads or tails out of conservatives and health care. Or conservatives and, well, just about anything other than making the rich richer. THAT they do real well.


  3. “THAT, they do real well in the short term.”

    Fixed that for you. The trainwreck of the US and world economy hasn’t been all that great for anyone – these guys are only obscenely wealthy now, rather than Caligula-level pornographically wealthy.

    I’d add that so far I’m underwhelmed by the Democratic efforts to fix the problems.


    • Correction appreciated. Like all Ponzi schemes, it only lasts so long.


  4. Oops, looks like I failed to close a tag. Reach in a claw and scratch a closer there for me, would you Ric?


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