More Evidence That Republicans Hate America And Americans, Courtesy Of Frank Luntz

Republicans have demonstrated over and over again that they really don’t like Americans and really don’t like America. Any action or legislation that threatens to help the poor, the working poor, the middle class, the blue collar workers, anybody but the rich, is subject to vehement attacks and vicious propaganda, as well as legislative tactics that endear the Republicans to third and fourth world petty tyrants who look at the Republicans and sigh wishfully.

For the last umpteen years the Republicans have been aided and abetted… well, no that’s not quite right… have been led by the nose by Frank Luntz, a clever wordsmith who knows how to destroy anything that might be good for the people the Republicans hate (that would be most Americans).

There’s a bit in the Globe today about his latest effort to help the Republicans scuttle President Obama’s health care initiatives. Here’s a taste…

The White House dispatched top political adviser David Axelrod to Capitol Hill to meet behind closed doors with Senate Democrats on selling healthcare reform to voters. Senators emerged from the meeting saying that affordability and choice would be emphasized, and the issue of coverage for the uninsured would be tied to affordability for all. Last week, political strategist Frank Luntz gave Republicans detailed advice on how to attack the Democrats’ health plan, even though it doesn’t exist in anything approaching final form. Luntz’s advice included the use of lines like "a committee of Washington bureaucrats will establish the standard of care for all Americans."

The Lion thinks Mister Luntz may have tripped over his own tongue here. He says that Republicans should fight against the establishment of a “standard of care for all Americans”.

Think about it. According to Luntz the Democrats, the government, seeks to establish one standard of care that would apply to everyone. Some certain minimum standard, some minimum level of care would be available to everyone. Get sick and you can get health care, no matter your station in life.

But Republicans are being told by Frank Luntz, a political propagandist who would have made Goebbels and the most clever and devious sociopaths on Madison Avenue proud, that lots and lots of Americans should not be able to get health care unless they can pay for it themselves, and thus, if they haven’t the money they should simply suffer and die. The Republicans are saying that if you get sick and have to go bankrupt to pay for health care, that’s okay with them. And if you do go bankrupt there will be plenty of Republican lawyers and bankers right there to reap the rewards of your suffering while you shuffle down the street looking for a homeless shelter that Republicans object to having in their neighborhood.

The Lion notes that the Republicans also support the torture of human beings, despite the evidence that it doesn’t work and that the use of torture has severely damaged the ability of the United States to work with the rest of the world on problems affecting all countries.

But that’s the Republican way. Despise the Americans who built the country, who maintain it, who keep its economy going, who do the hard work day in and day out. Shower pain and hate on people who aren’t Americans, who aren’t white, who aren’t rich, who have no power.

That’s the America of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, James Inhofe, George Bush, Dick Cheney, and a host of others. These people don’t like you, they don’t respect you, they don’t give a damn about what you think. Your very existence annoys them, spoils their narrow little worldview. You are, to them, a weak, pathetic bunch of whiners.

They hate that you don’t think for yourselves. After all, that’s what Frank Luntz keeps telling the Republicans to think.

That’s the Republican way.


10 Responses

  1. I wonder if we taxpayers didn’t pay for the politicians’ (Repuglicans included!) health care if they might feel differently about national insurance. (Oh, my God, that’s Socialism)! So what? I foolishly, perhaps, hope I see it in my lifetime.


  2. Linda – checkout to see how Republicans are spinning the “socialism” angle now.

    Ric – These people don’t like you, they don’t respect you, they don’t give a damn about what you think.

    Yet 10’s of millions support them against their own best interests. Human beings are fucking fascinating!


    • Human beings are just fucked.


  3. Linda – sorry. Look at THIS.


    • Let’s call Republicans the “Asshole Party”. What jerks. All they’ve got is name calling. Nothing else. Why don’t they go away?!


      • Because they consider it their mission in life to piss you off. 🙂


        • They do a good job at that, I have to admit.


  4. All those western democracies that are far more socialist than the USA don’t seem to be doing badly for themselves. But, we’re Americans, so we’re always right, we’re always number one, and most of all, we’re God’s New Israel.


  5. Very yellow writing.


    • I was going to do it in mauve or beige, but decided neither was interesting enough. I may go with polka dots or tiger stripes next time.


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