A Clawdie Award To…

The Lion awards a Clawdie to Sharon resident Frank McGowan for his intelligence, wit, and brevity, not to mention his astoundingly accurate analysis in this letter in today’s Globe:

THE LIMBO was once a popular party game to see how low one could go as the bar sank downward.

Dick Cheney has brought it back as the Limbaugh.

Frank McGowan

Way to go, Frank!


4 Responses

  1. I’m appearing here on behalf of Frank, who was unable to attend the Clawdies due to a prior engagement (was folding socks). Thank you, Lion!


    • Most kind of you, Evo. Make sure Frank gets his check.


  2. I would have attended the ceremony, but I was washing my hair. Sorry, Frank & Evo. 🙂


    • Too bad. You missed quite a shindig. Evo danced on a tabletop. I almost scored a date with a pretty brunette. The paparazzo was out in force. A grand time was had by all.

      Maybe next time, chappie.


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