Healthcare Executives Promise Cuts As They Eye Daggers At Obama


The caption under this picture in today’s Boston Globe reads ‘President Obama, flanked by healthcare industry officials at the White House, called the cost-cutting pledge a “watershed event.”

That would be ‘flanked’ as in ‘outflanked’.

And those men are not in the ‘healthcare industry’. They are representatives of the insurance industry, which bears some similarity to the Somali pirate industry. Their job is to steal money and make sick people miserable.

The AP story, by Erica Werner, includes praise of the industry from President Obama and Senators Ted Kennedy and Charles Schumer. Schumer, remember, is the fellow who gave us Attorney General Michael Mukasey, a Bush suck-up who continued to foul the Justice Department after Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was forced out. Schumer held up Mukasey as a good guy as he caved on the little twerp’s nomination. Schumer may not be the best judge of character.

Here’s the big deal from the health insurance crooks:

The industry groups said they would slow the growth of healthcare costs by 1.5 percent a year by coordinating care, reducing administrative costs, and focusing on quality, efficiency, and standardization. Healthcare costs would still grow faster than the economy as a whole, but not as fast as they otherwise would.

Two things most people seem to miss. One, they aren’t cutting costs, they’re saying they’ll raise prices slightly more slowly. Two, why, if they’re so smart and such good businessmen, haven’t they taken the steps to improve healthcare long before this?

The article goes on to note that the savings supposedly generated don’t go to the government. Which is to say these actions don’t generate any real money that can be used to create an intelligent health care system. And no one should think these guys don’t know that.

The Lion notes that heavy-duty corporate executives are actually interested only in words beginning with the letter P. Profits. Penthouses. Pricey Prostitutes. Perks. Power. To believe them when they say they have the interests of the country at heart and will actually commit acts that will cost them a P or two marks the believer as a fool. Or a Mafia don playing Godfather games.

The health insurance industry specializes in another P, one that’s a favorite of Mafia dons. Perversity. Insurance companies profit when they can increase a policyholder’s misery by denying and delaying benefits, and companies lose money when they take steps to make the policyholder healthy. Greed usually rules. People, denied what they paid for, suffer and die. The executives go play with whores in penthouses.

The only reason these greedy clowns are talking to Obama is that they’re afraid he will actually put in a good health care system that will cut the health insurance companies out. They’re at the table because they want to make lots more money, preferably from mandated payments coerced from American citizens.

It’s long past time to stop talking about health insurance for everyone and start talking about health care for everyone.


4 Responses

  1. And those men are not in the ‘healthcare industry’. They are representatives of the insurance industry

    And that’s some clever wordsmithing on their part because that’s exactly how they’re referred to in the media and by government.

    I’ll just disagree with you slightly on “companies lose money when they take steps to make the policyholder healthy”. Most have discounts and incentives for not smoking and gym memberships. Why? If you get healthy and stay healthy, you won’t need a doctor, meaning they won’t have to pay anything. So they DO want you healthy. They’d love it if you’re perfectly healthy for over 100 years, never ever needing a doctor. Cha-CHING!


  2. pc –

    But when you do get sick they have no qualms about denying or delaying benefits, and it doesn’t bother them in the least that sick people have to spend time and energy fighting with some nameless cog whose job is to jam up the works and keep you from getting the care you need.

    I saw a commercial today, from a conservative group (Conservatives for a Healthy America or something like that), cherry picking three cases in Great Britain and Canada that didn’t go well, blaming the nationalized healthcare system, and ignoring all the things that go wrong here, the millions who can’t afford care, and the millions who have health insurance and still can’t get adequate care, not to mention all the people who have lost everything because of the cost of healthcare.

    You can bet that some of those represented in the photo likely had a hand in that bit of daggery.


  3. Greed usually rules. People, denied what they paid for, suffer and die.

    I have a lot of Hispanic employees with limited English skills. For some reason, they have an awful lot of difficulty getting their claims paid. I wonder why that would be? Surely, our insurance carrier doesn’t see them as easy prey from which to pick up extra cash! Say it ain’t so!


  4. chappie –

    It ain’t so.

    But you should know that I am an unregenerate liar. Just ask anyone who disagrees with me.


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