American Terrorists Thrive Under Obama As They Seek To Kill Him

Today’s Globe carries an article by staff writer Joseph Williams headlined ‘Obama election spurs wave of hate group violence’. The article notes the following:

  • A Maine man putting together a radioactive dirty bomb to kill Obama
  • A fifty percent increase in ‘white’* extremist groups since 2000 and a heavy increase in hate group activity since Obama’s election
  • A huge increase in sales of handguns and assault rifles in the last year
  • The murder of three police officers in Pittsburgh by a ‘Marine Corps washout with Nazi-style tattoos’ who had vowed on a Nazi website to ‘promote the need for armed conflict’
  • The murder of two sheriff’s deputies in Pensacola, Florida by a National Guardsman described as a ‘nascent’ white supremacist
  • The existence of 926 white supremacist hate groups in the U.S. as of last year, and an ongoing increase in their numbers
  • And a posting in a long string of similar posts against Obama on an extremist website that stated ‘I’ve never had a fire burning inside me like I do for that mongrel thug.’

Let’s call a spade a spade here. These people, who think highly of themselves as a master race, are armed and dangerous anti-American terrorists. They should be treated like any other terrorist under the so-called Patriot Act (wouldn’t that be an irony).

The vast majority of them understand only two things about America. They’re pissed that slavery was outlawed by the government. They’re terrified by their belief that the government might suspend their right to use automatic weapons, grenades, and tanks to threaten their neighbors.

They think the Constitution is something to wipe their collective ass with, which they would gladly do while saluting the flag, an object  they also fail to understand.

They revel in their anger and their hatred because it makes them feel good, it makes them feel grown-up and powerful. They think of themselves as strong and independent, but they follow any leader who can stoke their anger. They’re like a herd of pissed-off sheep. But they’re still a herd and they’re still sheep. Sheep with guns, but sheep. They evidence no ability for independent, rational thought, much less critical thinking. They comprise a mob.

They possess no understanding of what America is, what the concept of America means, or how the laws and the Constitution function to protect the United States from people like them. The United States isn’t perfect, its government isn’t perfect, and its elected officials are far from perfect. But it works to keep us as free as we want to be. So far. It is pathetic that these ignorant, angry fools want to take it down because they refuse to understand it.

They mindlessly hate the America that exists and seek to replace it with the very things the Founders hated and that true American patriots fought against and died for since 1776. They dishonor the flag, they dishonor the Constitution, and they dishonor the lives and deaths of the real patriots.

At some point some group of them will take courage in hand and stage an armed attack inside the United States. They have baby-killer Timothy McVeigh to look up to, as well as religious freak David Koresh who sacrificed scores of women and children to his ego. People will die. The extremists will beat their chests and wave their guns and claim the beginning of a revolution. At that point the elected governments and the people will throw the full weight of American law and justice at these people and crush them.

Or will their poison have spread so far that they might just succeed in imposing their Talibanic Nazism? These groups are considered by experts to be on the fringes of society and not to constitute a present danger of any large degree. But Americans might consider that the worst vermin usually start on the fringes of civilization and squirm their way to the core of it.


*Very few of these people are actually white. Most are pink, many are tan from spending too much time tramping about in the woods practicing terrorist tactics. And of course it is likely that a high percentage of them have in their veins the blood of nationalities and religions they consider inferior – Italian, Spanish, African, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, and so on. It’s doubtful that more than a few have clean, shiny white pedigrees.


4 Responses

  1. I just have a problem with the title of the article, as if electing a black President is somehow the problem, and that these fuckers would otherwise be fine, upstanding citizens who would just spend their time playing Yahtze or pinochle otherwise.


  2. pc –

    For these people it is a problem that the President is black, or dark tan, or ecru. But it doesn’t matter. They need something or someone to hate, to keep them angry, and they lack the intelligence to focus a reasonable anger on issues of substance. It’s enough that someone is different, or that some program supports people who these people perceive as different or inferior. But now they have the boss man, the Big Nigger, the archetypal Black Man they so fear, on whom to focus their hatred. Obama is smart, he’s powerful, he’s charming, he’s tough, he’s successful – all the things the haters are not.

    And you’re right in what you say. It was easy enough to disregard these groups before Obama’s election to power, but they were spewing the same hate, the same violence, the same anger, and were just as serious a danger. Perhaps they are more of a danger now, not just because there are so many more of them, but because the people who are obviously rushing in now are likely to be less stable and less restrained and more likely to change foul rhetoric into evil action.


  3. My neighbor has a dog. She’s also an idiot (the neighbor, not the dog). I heard her once scold her child for going near their dog when it had a bone and getting bit. “You should know better than to provoke him like that” she yelled. “He’d be just fine if you’d just let him be!”


  4. pc –

    Wow! A terrorist dog. You know the neatest people. 🙂


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