How The Media Bubbleheads At CNN (And MSNBC et al) Twist Reality

This morning on CNN the bubblehead named Betty Nguyen said that the closing of the military prison at Guantanamo is a peace offering to the Islamic world. The focus of the story was where the prisoners would go.

Then she had Senator Kit Bond from down South, where the most rabid and vicious Republicans get elected, commenting by calling the people held at Guantanamo ‘killers’.

First, Nguyen, who has said stupid things before and no doubt will again, simply lied. Closing the Cuban base is not being done as a peace offering. It’s being done because the prison is a disgrace, it is an affront to the laws and to the Constitution of the United States, and crimes were committed there by agents of the U.S. government. (Maybe she didn’t lie. Maybe she’s just stupid and ignorant. But she had no business saying what she said.)

Even if the closing were considered a peace offering, it would be poor fare indeed, given that American armies currently occupy two Muslim countries the United States invaded, and that American actions in a third country, Pakistan, seriously threaten that country’s stability.

As for Senator Bond, he cannot make the claim that the inmates at Guantanamo are killers. Many of them have been shown to be innocent of any crime. Many of them are guilty of nothing more than fighting the Americans who invaded their country. (And it would be reasonable to suspect that many of them will, once freed, find their way home and take up the fight against the Americans as they seek justice and revenge for the way the Americans treated them. They would be right to do so.)

The military has presented no reliable evidence, and any evidence it does present carries the taint of torture and is unreliable. Guantanamo is a crime, and the United States is the killer and the criminal.

Senator Bond is merely another example of the Republican Party dying of self-inflicted wounds, sinking in the pus of its outright lies, its mendacity, and its hatred of America. The real America, not the America of their fantasies and psychosis.

It would be a good day in America if CNN et al got rid of its corps of narcissistic, opinion-pushing readers like Nguyen and hired genuine journalists and did genuine journalism instead of pushing its brand of pap, gruel, and mush through the media sieve.

The Lion believes that will not happen and that the pretty little bubbleheads will continue to crap on their professed profession and on the American people.


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