Boston Trolley Crash Due To Texting Driver; Dozens Injured

The lead story in today’s Globe tells of one trolley crashing into another because the driver was sending a text message to his girlfriend. At least forty-nine people were injured.

The other day a bus driver in San Antonio, Texas, crashed his bus into the back of an SUV because he was texting. Unfortunately for him, the bus video recorded what he was doing.

What the hell is the matter with the managers of our  public transport systems? This has happened often enough that the only thing that makes sense is to take away transport drivers’ cellphones when they report to work. They shouldn’t even be talking on a cellphone, much less texting.

The Lion suggests that these two drivers be kicked out on their ass, prohibited from working in transport ever again, and be held liable for financial damages, along with their transportation systems.

But then The Lion also believes the executives of cigarette companies should be tried and imprisoned for manslaughter, if not frigging genocide, and that everyone involved in American torture of prisoners, from the President and Cabinet officers down to the actual interrogators, who apparently have the morals and ethics of the worst sort of criminals, should be tried and imprisoned.

Easy to see how all that worked out. Kiss the rule of law goodbye, and welcome the conflation of legality and morality. If the lawyer says torture is okay, then it must be moral. If the rules let me carry a cellphone while I drive the train, it must be okay to text while driving.

Whoops! Watch out for the flying body parts.


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