On The Popularity Of Americans In Afghanistan…


Kind of looks like the robot in the sunglasses and armor maybe messed with the sister of the guy in the white hat.  Oh, hell, give him the benefit of the doubt – he probably only killed her. Or maybe it was Gray Hat’s brother or cousin. Or White Hat’s father or brother or third cousin in the next valley. Doesn’t matter. Sunglass Robot is toast.

Gray Hat and White Hat will get even, sooner or later. They’ve been fighting invaders for a long, long, long time. For all his armor and high-tech weaponry and fancy sunglasses, that trooper’s going to get his ticket punched if those other two fellows have anything to say about it. They’ve got ancient eyes. Sooner or later, sooner or later… They’ve got patience. And it’s their land.

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  1. How the fuck did we emerge from Viet Nam, observe the Soviet failure in Afghanistan and end up concluding – “Yeah! We can DO this”? Actually worse that we concluded – “We SHOULD do this”.


  2. Not only that, but we think we’re so fucking good that we’re going to take on Pakistan at the same time.

    ‘Team of Rivals’ my ass. The sonofabitch got snookered by the fools.


  3. I think that we went into Afghanistan and decidedto repeat every mistake the Soviet Union made. At the risk of being a blog whore, I wrote this back in June and it has, if anything, become even more apropos.

    (If I’m out of line, feel free to delete.)


  4. And feel free (actually, it would be appreciated) to close that tag?


  5. Some say the eyes are windows into the soul. No wonder the GI is wearing all that shit – if looks could kill, he’d be buzzard-feed already.


  6. This is depressing.


  7. girl –

    I try to depress… or was that impress? Life is confusing sometimes.


  8. chappie –

    The swallows haven’t come back to Capistrano for years now, but the buzzards are likely gearing up for a feast in Kabul.


  9. Ric: Thanks.


  10. () –

    Ummm, erm, you, uh, left out the actual link…


  11. http://iambilly.wordpress.com/2008/06/06/afghanistan-parallels/

    Sorry. I used to be pretty good at all this hatemail coding, but now that the NPS uses a CMS, all I have to do is add content. All the coding is done by the program.


  12. () –

    Techspeak? You dare techspeak here?! Say what?


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