Obama The New Jim Jones, Drinks Afghan Kool-Aid

Apparently the crowd that thinks it can bomb and shoot Afghanistan into the twenty-first century has won the bullshit debate on Afghanistan and Obama is committing the United States to another decade or three of chasing people around South Asia and the Middle East, draining the US Treasury and spilling the blood of whatever soldiers he can dragoon into the fighting.

Naturally the Republicans are all dewy-eyed and weepy happy over this, but they’ve been idiots for war, any war, for a long time, and haven’t got a fucking clue. About anything, apparently, given the so-called budget they flapped around yesterday. Wonder if they included the costs of Iraq and Afghanistan in it? Their deposed psychopath, Bush, never did.

As for the clowns that support the military bullshit in Afghanistan, The Lion doubts that a single one of them asked what Americans would do were the tables reversed. Except for Republicans and Conservatives, who haven’t got the balls for a real fight, Americans would fight until the invaders were all dead or all gone. What makes anyone think the Afghanis are different, especially given that they’ve been successfully fighting invaders for a couple of thousand years?

Oh, you say, al-Qaeda isn’t Afghani? Right, but the Taliban is, and from their point of view the United States and its Europrops are invaders.

As for al-Qaeda, they can operate from anywhere. They don’t need Afghanistan or Pakistan, but the presence of American forces, the continued killing of civilians, and the disruption of Muslim society gives them all the incentive they need to sow discord and chaos with the intent of tying the Great Beast down in the swamp of South Asia. They don’t need to attack the United States; all they need do to weaken and possibly bring down the U.S. is to get the Americans to send troops to fight ghosts, bleeding the treasury and the soldiery and ultimately all the citizenry.

Obama’s plans for that area are simple, unadulterated bullshit dressed up in competent speechmaking. For an intelligent guy, he’s as out of his fucking mind as George Bush was over this terrorist crap.

Screw ‘em all.


5 Responses

  1. Shall I just keep repeating myself? Get’s boring, I know, but I could say it again.


  2. Very pertinent of you Lion to observe that the evil others – whatever their names might be – do not need in a strategic sense to plan an attack on the US, regardless of the “intelligence”.

    As you say who cares what happens to the people of Afghanistan, the good guys are using violence for a noble cause, as in Iraq, and they only ever make honest mistakes – for which conveniently others mostly must suffer in silence.

    Furthermore, despite their thousands of years of history, the people of Afghanistan are unable to run their own affairs without guidance from those benevolent outsiders who know best.


  3. wmmbb – despite their thousands of years of history, the people of Afghanistan are unable to run their own affairs without guidance

    existence only = success in evolutionary theory. Nevertheless, they are humans and have a right to live like it’s 1509.

    benevolent outsiders who know best.

    is probably exactly what they need, and if they ASK for help we should be quick to give it. Unfortunately, we haven’t learned the role of “benevolent outsider” and Obama seems incapable of leading us toward the knowledge.


  4. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/251/story/65299.html

    Just in case you were feeling good this evening, Ric. Thought I’d bring you back down.


  5. To quote a wise pessimist, “We’re fucked.” To which I would add “So are they.”


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