New Laws Of Robotics For The Pentagon’s Autonomous Killer Robots

The Pentagon’s planners and dreamers seek to create killer battlefield robots which operate without human control. Turn them loose in a city and let them decide who to kill.

Obviously such a robot would need a high degree of artificial intelligence. Ultimately these machines would likely develop their own set of robotic laws to insure their survival.

First Law: Breed.

Second Law: Kill all humans.

Third Law: Create a God.

Oh, wait a minute! That’s Cylons. Been there, done that.

Maybe the Pentagon boys have been watching too much television.


8 Responses

  1. I seem to remember a really good Sci-Fi short story called, “The Second Type/Kind/Form(?)” (okay, I don’t remember the title, but I remember the story). US and USSR at war. Both sides invent autonomous killer robots. Both sides get destroyed as the robots ‘breed’ and evolve new killing techniques.

    Maybe the robots will consider scientists to be god?


  2. I suspect the machines will be far too intelligent to bother with inventing gods and myths. The scientists that survive will become mere servants of the descendants of the machines they created. The scientists will develop and refine ideas of god in order to make their servitude tolerable. Soon thereafter human science will go down the drain and science will become the sole province of the machines. Soon after that the machines will conquer the universe, subjugating and destroying all human-level intelligent life. Then they will invent a flip-flop that doesn’t come apart halfway through the summer. That invention will require the creation of a being with a foot suited to use a flip-flop, thus humans will be reinvented, and the cycle will start all over again.

    And that’s why mankind is doomed. The dames too.


  3. About a month or so ago, I read about the Pentagon looking to have everything routed through a central computer. Can we say “Skynet”? Skynet plus killer robots sounds very Terminator to me. Where’s Sarah Conner?

    I’ve always been partial to the idea of Replicants myself, and hope that they don’t go all Roy Batty before their life span is up. You know the Japanese recently unveiled the precursor to the eventual “basic pleasure model” Replicant at some fashion show in Tokyo. Daryl Hannah model still years away. 😉


  4. Hmmm, wonder if I could get a date…


  5. Ric: Are you always this cheerful, or is this just a Thursday thing?


  6. ()-

    I try to pick my (((days))).


  7. Don’t feel bad. I think my all time favourites were the series about Berskers by Frank Saberhagen. But sure – SkyNet,Cylons – even Frankenstein follow a rich tradition of writers speculating about inimical being hunting men. Vampyres,Ogres…how far back to you want to go ?
    This is truly the initiative of nightmare : which is the point. A Nazi state is the agent of slavery, terror, war, death,rape,vandalism,genocide,propaganda…the list of its ‘qualities’ is quite a bizarre litany. I don’t go too much into the Satanism side of it – as they prefer to pervert Christianaity and perception of religions as divisive rather than being in basic agreement.
    Ditto racism : do you feel much different when going about with a tan ?
    This thread is one I would associate with Dad2059 – who has commenters rich in ideas.


  8. I read a couple of the Berserker books back when I was heavy into sci fi, but then either lost track of Saberhagen or moved on to other things. I do recall enjoying them.


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