Chutzpah Redefined! AIG Sues US For Tax Refund

Yes, it’s true. The company that paid $165 million in taxpayer money as bonuses to the people who brought the firm, and the American economy, to its knees, the company that took $180 billion from the taxpayers to keep itself alive, is suing the Federal government for $306 million in tax refunds.

To put it another way, the criminals want a refund of taxes they paid on some dodgy deals.

To put it yet another way, it’s time for the Feds to cut the legs out from under these people and put a bullet in the corporate head.

And maybe it’s time for Obama to get the Wall Streeters out of his cabinet and get some people who have no financial or emotional interests in the Wall Street culture that has brought the country down.

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16 Responses

  1. The sad part is, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. The idea that making money is the only reason for existence has poisoned government, industry, business and even many personal lives.

    And they want the money back because if they don’t get it, the government will just spend it on silly stuff like schools, roads, health care, national parks, disaster preparedness, bailouts for AIG’s competition.


  2. Damn, I guess I don’t exist. I knew there was something dodgy about my life, or lack thereof.


  3. To social conservatives, you, as a free-thinker, have no place in a Christian America. To economic conservatives, you, as neither a peon producing wealth for the exploiting class nor a member of the exploiting class yourself, have no place in a capitalist America.

    Kinda makes ya smile, don’t it?


  4. Actually, yeah. I think that means I can do whatever I want since I don’t exist on America’s radar. Thus, I can get away with anything. I’m totally down with that. Life is good.


  5. You are neither a fundogelical Christian nor a rich fat cat, so no, you would have to face consequences if you broke the rules. Where have you been for the last thirty years?


  6. Hiding.


  7. For someone trying to hide, you are kind of conspicuous.


  8. Ah, you forget the lesson of The Purloined Letter, Grasshopper!


  9. This worthless neophyte is humbled before the inestimable age of the sensei.

    I keep hoping that these idiots actually leave. Why are they paying retention bonuses to the people who bankrupted the company?


  10. Could it be that I have finally knocked some sensei into you?

    As for the idiots, they live in a world of entitlement that peons such as you and I shall never know, dammit. Unspoken is that such entitlement should include long jail terms.


  11. They are entitled to long jail terms?

    I’ve heard it said that it is better to be pissed off than pissed on. I know the root words are from different places, times and languages, but doesn’t ‘peon’ fit the way that the privileged treat workers?


  12. Spot on, Ric. I love ya.


  13. AIG’s arrogance continues to astound me. Why the fuck is the government letting them get away with this shit? Jesus – who’s in charge?


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  15. Damn, I guess I don’t exist.

    Sadly on 4/15 we the little people all exist. Kinda sucks to be us if ya ask me.


  16. alfie –

    Who you calling ‘little people’, big guy? I’m a giant in my own little mud puddle. Just ask my cats.



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