Hedges Slices Right To The Testicle And Ovary Of Environmental Collapse

There’s a piece by Chris Hedges over at Common Dreams that gets to the heart of the matter of our collapsing environment.

It’s about being in the room with the herds of elephants that nobody wants to talk about. Or think about. Or do anything about.


4 Responses

  1. Since we can’t even come together as a planet and agree not to be so wasteful, not to insist on evermore things to consume, to simply change our ways of getting the energy we need – can you then imagine us coming together to agree not to do the one and only thing that we are genetically programed to do – breed?

    This article isn’t a warning. It may desire to be. But all it does it predict an outcome. Warnings are meant to be acted on at some level. If 10 billion humans is going to cause a collapse of the eco-system, then it’s going to collapse. Because there WILL be 10 billion.


  2. I don’t want to add to the doom and gloom here, but I can’t help pointing out that the people who are most likely to heed the warning and cut back on reproduction are nonbelievers. Believers often reproduce like bunnies. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like those odds.


  3. Breeding ourselves to extinction? I think my granddad would have said, “I’ve been breeding my whole life, and I’m not extinct!” Of course, he is now, but he ran up a dozen surviving children before he did get extinguished. The other granddad had even more to start, but only ten survived.

    Me? I’ve done pretty much the Darwinian minimum, one child – and when I come to think of it, at 50% genetic transmission one child isn’t even meeting the minimum. Still, a lot of my genes are there in nieces, nephews, second cousins and the like, so that probably makes up the balance.


  4. evo –

    I doubt we’ll reach ten billion. We’re going to start dying like flies in a gas chamber well before we get there.

    chappie –

    We need a conspiracy. Valiant atheist men by the millions will volunteer to get secret vasectomies, then integrate into the believer communities, and marry the women, thus insuring a low birth rate for the freaks. Hey, c’mon, it worked for fruit fly infestations, right?

    b.t. –

    A gene here, a gene there, and pretty soon you’ve got a whole chromosome running around out there demanding money for a car or college and complaining you never treat him right and leaving dirty clothes on the floor.


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