Bobby Jindal And The Pink Poobahs

The Repooplicans chose Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to give their reply to President Obama’s address to Congress last night.

Jindal is a frothing-at-the-mouth Catholic who at least once conducted an exorcism, and a hard-right Conservative who is willing to sacrifice the thousands of unemployed Louisianans on the altar of his ideology by refusing to let them have extended unemployment benefits included in the Federal recovery plan.

But the Republican leadership, such as it is, apparently loves him.

Bobby Jindal represents everything that’s great about the American dream, the American story, and what it means to put Republican ideas into action,” said Phil Musser, a strategist who previously ran the Republican Governors Association.

Uh-huh. Which is to say that Republicans would rather see struggling working people starve and lose their homes than lift one finger to help them. Republicanism at its finest.

But The Lion thinks there’s a deeper, darker agenda going on here.

“What makes him so appealing to Republicans is he’s an Indian-American representing a Southern state,” said Louisiana State University professor Robert Mann, who evoked the party’s recent election of its first African-American leader. “A lot of it is the same reason they elected Michael Steele their chair: They’re looking to push out in front any bit of diversity they can dredge up.”

Yup, the pink-skinned poobahs of the GOP have decided that their strategy for the 2012 election is to pit their darkies (don’t forget they just chose Michael Steele, a Black conservative, to head the Republican National Committee) against the Democratic darkie, Barack Obama. Yup, they say among themselves, we’ll split the darkie vote, take back the White House and get on with destroying the United States, just like Reagan and Bush wanted us to do.

They really are devious, deep thinkers, with a profound, well-thought-out realistic agenda that addresses the real problems facing the American people and the world. Aren’t they? Well, aren’t they? After all, they did give us the last eight years of Republican thought and glory and grandeur. Didn’t they? Well?

Additional thoughts:

The so-called exorcism involved, on its face, kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and assault on the woman. Apparently Mr. Jindal believes that crimes committed in the name of ignorant religion aren’t really crimes. That mindset would, of course, make him a perfect Republican (‘It’s not illegal if a Republican does it’).

One should also consider whether this country should have as its leader someone who believes demons and devils and suchlike are real things to be confronted in person. Do we really want a virulent religionist with a twelfth century mind to control the military, economic, and political power of the United States? He would need a lot of psychiatric help before being allowed anywhere near real power.

10 Responses

  1. He’s the male version of Palin; a nightmare.


  2. Well there’s a dream ticket, no? They can trot out that witch hunter to cast a spell of protection over them at the RNC and read Malthus on how the poor deserve what they get.


  3. Do we really want a virulent religionist with a twelfth century mind to control the military, economic, and political power of the United States?

    How would that differ from the Bush years?


  4. He is definately starting his campaign early.


  5. Jindalism – “Our country and our god must dominate the world”


  6. chappie –

    Bush had a preliterate mind.

    () –

    If Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin had a child, how brain damaged would it be? And if either of them wins a national election, how fucking far down into the mud could they drive this country?

    evo –

    No no no. It’s me, me that must dominate the world. Grumpyism rules! Lionism rocks! Kill all the humans! (It would be a kindness, saving them from drowning under seventy meters of Antarctic meltwater. Never let it be said that The Lion is not considerate of his fellow yucky humans.)


  7. It shall never be said.


  8. I’m seriously thinking of retiring in Sweden. This country just has too many fruitcakes, waving flags and praising god. And when you get rid of a few of them, more show up. Demon spawn. Who the fuck is the Jindal character? He looks like D’Souza, and actually sounds like him too.


  9. I’m starting to think the politics and religion are almost one in the same.


  10. evo –

    Bless you.

    spanqi –

    Finland might be a better deal than Sweden. As for the fruitcakes, they breed in the slime under the rocks of American ignorance and Christian arrogance. Jindal does remind me of D’Souza. Perhaps J is an astral projection of D’Souza. Maybe I should spell that with two esses.

    girl –

    The Republicans are trying their best to make that so, and the Democrats may let it happen – they’re hurling an awful lot of religious crap around lately, every time Obama makes a speech.


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