Strong Medicine For Bad Times (A Soldier In Every Living Room), And How Conservatives Lie

A couple of pieces worth reading.

This one on the current crisis and what America’s top intelligence official sees coming, and how the Department of Defense will crush the complainers (people like the Quakers, unions, the PTA, anyone with a brain and a conscience).

And this one on how George Will, never one to accept truth and reality without a fight, lies about our little global environmental problem.


4 Responses

  1. A soldier in every living room? Do I get to pick my soldier?

    And what is up with everyone talking/blogging about soldiers today?

    I thought today was President’s Day? I guess you could consider a President a Soldier… The Commander In Chief.


  2. Jeez, girldj, if you stash a soldier in your living room won’t your significant other get jealous? Not to mention all the clutter – weapons, packs, ammo, rations, all that stuff our soldiers carry around. (Makes me wonder how it is they’ve been held at bay so often by guys carrying nothing but AK-47s and the shirt on their back.)


  3. Nah, my man is secure in his manhood and our relationship. šŸ™‚


  4. I’ve seen a few rants on the topic of media dysfunction in my time. Try this one on for size.


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