Harley, R.I.P. 02.14.2009



He had the best nose of all my cats.

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15 Responses

  1. You have my sympathy. Losing a pet is losing a friend.


  2. You haven’t been having the best year for losing loves. 2005 was that way for me.

    You have my heart today, my friend.


  3. Thank you both.


  4. My condolences. He was a handsome devil.


  5. Thanks, chappie. It’s all in the nose.


  6. Yep, good looking guy. Sorry, Ric. You’ve lost a couple in short order and that’s no fun. My two cats are almost the same age (about 6) so whenever they go, it’s likely to be pretty close together. If you pick up another one, may I suggest getting an adult from a shelter? There are some really sweet-hearted cats who have a big problem getting adopted. Most people want a kitten. I don’t see what the difference is. They are only little for a couple of months anyway.


  7. Take his dna to China and have him cloned.


  8. I always said he reminded me of Groucho Marx with that nose. The cutest!


  9. evo –

    I still have five cats, plus the one stray and one feral I feed outdoors. But I would get a shelter cat otherwise.

    philly –

    Nah. The nose is irreclonable.

    linda –

    Shoulda seen him in his Harpo wig.

    Thank you all for your kindness.


  10. Damn, bo – tou’re having a run, aren’t you?

    Condolences, again.

    Don’t bother having him cloned, fur patterns are chaotic – the clone will have different markings. That nose was one of a kind and always will be.


  11. b.t. –

    I could, I suppose, have just had the nose cloned, then sent it into space as the nose clone on a rocket.


    Fortunately not an issue, as I had him cremated.


  12. Damn. Sorry you lost a good friend, Grumpy. Look on the bright side. You’ve still got Evo. Though he doesn’t have such a fine nose.


  13. Are you calling me a pussy, SI?

    (I think I’m the feral Ric mentioned).


  14. Grumpy, you’ve got to stop feeding those feral cats. Look what shows up.


  15. The problem with Evo is that he gets upset when I scritch his ears.


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