And A Little Child Shall…





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  1. Excellent. Whether photo-shopped or not, I think it is a very accurate depiction of how the average Iraqi feels toward our occupying army. Too bad the kid can’t piss on the ones responsible — Bush, Cheney, Rove, et al


  2. I don’t know the provenance of the photo. Doesn’t look like an American soldier, but hey, what’s the dif?


  3. It doesn’t look like it, but there are so very many screwy US uniforms out there, who knows?


  4. The Republicans in my office were spouting how the stock market has been down since Obama has been in office — as if Obama has anything to do with the mess we’re in.

    When I pointed out that Obama does NOT have anything to do with the mess we’re in, incredulously they asked me, “So are you trying to say this is Bush’s fault???”

    There are stupid/ignorant, brainwashed people everywhere.


  5. Hard to say at that res. The lighting seems consistent, but the pattern on the landing behind the soldier shows signs of being stretched vertically, not to mention the color aberrations, which are not seen anywhere else in that concrete.

    Doesn’t mean it still ain’t funny!


  6. girl –

    A Rethuglican bushwhacked a friend of mine in her office and spouted the same bullshit. Apparently they’ve adopted the old Communist technique of having a party line that everybody must spout.


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