A Profound Analysis Of President George W. Bush’s Farewell Speech

George Bush is pathetic and delusional.

End of analysis. End of Presidency.

Too bad it will take a couple of generations for the Americans to dig themselves out from under the damage the little bootspittle has done.

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5 Responses

  1. I could not bring myself to watch the dreck frescher in chief’s apologetics. Were you able to actually watch it? If so, how many bottles of liquor were on the floor by the end?


  2. You can find the transcript on HuffPo. I found it as delusional as Saddam’s claims at his trial.


  3. What about Laura smiling in the audience? She’s as pathetic as he is. I only watched a couple of minutes. That was enough for me!


  4. I was able to watch a couple of minutes. Caught the rest on the commentary shows and in the newspaper. But I already knew, from eight years experience with the fool, that he would be pathetic and delusional right to the end.

    I must say that The Smirk was at its fullest flower during the speech. I suspect that if I had tried to actually watch the whole thing I would have thrown up on my beat up old sneakers, something which I didn’t want to do because I’m saving the damn things in case I get the opportunity to get into shoe range of the little asshole someday.


  5. Ya’ll are more braver than me.

    That smirk always reminded me of the rich kids and star jocks who knew that the teacher did not dare attempt to discipline them.


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