Florida Gators Beat Oklahoma Meerkats In Faux Championship

Not to beat a boring horse to death, but in the so-called Bowl Championship Series… wait a minute, wait a minute…

Last night’s game was one game, not a series. All the other bowls weren’t included in determining the so-called champion of college football. How does one game become a Championship Series?

Anyway, the game, won by the Florida Gators, was full of the usual interruptions by officials, commercials, promos, pictures of players walking around, and the usual panoply of endless replays, all hiding the fact that actual play amounted to about fifteen minutes over three hours of TV time.

But the best thing, the funniest thing, the most ridiculous thing was the Pavlovian, or Coachlovian if you will, behavior of the Oklahoma offense.

Time after time the Okies got up to the line, took their positions as if to run a play, and then all stood up and looked, as one, to the sidelines for some sort of magic signal from a coach. They looked like nothing so much as a bunch of meerkats from the television show Meerkat Manor, a herd of lean, furry little creatures standing at attention, scanning their horizon for danger, looking adorably cute.

Of course, given last night’s results it’s hard to avoid saying the little meerkats appear to be a lot more dangerous than the Oklahoma Meerkats.


6 Responses

  1. Yes, well Tebow had god on his side, so of course the Gators won.

    Btw, I like the addition of the email notification check box.


  2. I saw John 3:16 on Tebow’s face and knew immediately that it was a message from Gawd-YHWH-Jesus-Allah. I nearly fell on my knees in prayer (or I may have just tripped over the remote control), but I got over it.


  3. No wonder football is so screwed up. God’s messing with the game.

    chappie –

    Ummm, they have remote controls that fit in the palm of your hand these days. Maybe you tripped over the beer keg?

    philly –

    The email thingie was just added by WordPress. Neat addition.


  4. The thought the creatively named Utah Utes won the National Championship with their undefeated 15-0 season.


  5. John: I thought that Utes were young people. As in, “Why do the Utes listen to that crappy music?”

    We really need to have a playoff system. Of course, we are told that is impossible to do in football.


  6. I wouldn’t mind seeing a playoff system in NCAA football. The deacon is okay with the current system because he enjoys all the arguments that surround the BCS every year. The chaos is part of what makes the season enjoyable for him. I just watch the games and don’t really care who is crowned “champion,” as no one is ever satisfied anyway.


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