Boston College Fires Football Coach (Yawn)… But Is There A Scandalous Tidbit Buried In The Story?

Cast of Characters:

Jeff Jagodzinski, the football Coach (“Coach”)

Gene DeFilippo, the Athletic Director (“AD”)

Boston College (“BC”)

New York Jets (“Jets”)


AD and Coach are friends. AD chooses Coach to run Boston College football, with a five year contract.

Coach has two successful seasons. Everyone is happy.

New York Jets fire their head coach.

Coach seeks opportunity to interview with the Jets, keeps quiet about it.

AD gets wind of interview, threatens to fire Coach if Coach goes to interview. AD wants Coach to honor his contract with BC.

Coach goes to interview.

AD fires Coach.

Which is all pretty much a big soap opera so-what.

Except for this paragraph buried in a Boston Globe story by Mark Blaudschun:

Jagodzinski wanted players who would have had trouble getting admitted during the 10-year reign of his predecessor, Tom O’Brien. DeFilippo worked with him on it.

These few words would seem to indicate that Coach and AD conspired to lower the academic standards or requirements for a select group of people, football players. That’s the real story here, not the teacup tempest about a coach getting fired for looking for another job.

If that’s the case, Coach should have been fired quite a while ago, and the AD should have been fired with him.

BC, which prides itself on academics, should be ashamed if it allowed this to happen.


2 Responses

  1. So Blago was fired for not honouring his contract (including a clause in which he promised not to interview for new jobs for three years). But he and the athletic director wanted to bend the contract between the students and the college (the contract (implied) was that only students with certain qualifications were admitted to BC thus making the graduate’s degree more valuable)? Why are some contracts to be honoured to the tittle, but others in the breach?


  2. I would like to know how he “worked with him on it”. Wtf does that mean? What exactly could he do? How much pull does the AD have with admissions anyway?

    Oh well, it’s all a business anyway, and business will do whatever it can get away with, which brings us back to regulations and oversight.

    Btw, nice way to ingratiate yourself to a potential employer. Nothing says “I REALLY want that job” like risking getting fired from your current job to go interview for it, but then do you want to show a potential employer you’re that desperate for the job? Plus, does showing you’re willing to violate a contract to get what you want a positive or a negative? I guess we’ll see.


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