George Bush? Fahgeddaboutim! (Except For His Destruction Of Everything He Touched)

Good column by Frank Rich over at NYT.



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  1. After 8 years of fucking up everything in sight, the greatest lesson W. learned was that “God is good. All the time.”

    Yeah, I hear the people in Afghanistan and Iraq are tickled pink by the daily evidences they see of God’s goodness. And, the millions of Americans who are losing their jobs and retirement savings are rolling on the floor in holy laughter contemplating the grace that the Almighty has bestowed on them via his servants, Bush & Co. And, the whole planet may soon be rejoicing because we may be perilously close to passing the point of no return on global climate change because of the Bush administration’s refusal to take any action on the matter.

    The only thing about Bush that brings joy to my heart is the fact that we have term limits on the presidency.


  2. Why is someone like Bush allowed to live and someone like Kennedy killed?


  3. @ Linda – it just always seems to work out that way. Must be some Peter Principle behind it.

    Try as I have, I can’t quite nail Bush. He eludes me. The closest I can come is to say that Cheney was one dark, sinister dude who knew EXACTLY what he wanted (even before he was named VP) and got it, and that Bush is decent person of mediocre intellect who has not a clue what it means to be better than decent, and was fully gamed by Cheney.

    But I know that’s a crude characterization. Just can’t quite figure it all out. But very, very glad that it’s finally over.


  4. I’m pretty close to Evo’s assessment. The man simply hasn’t had an opportunity to understand what it means to be wrong. He’s been protected and insulated his whole life. As Pres., he’s surrounded by people telling him even the worst shit has a silver lining.

    I almost think of him as amoral, and Cheney as immoral, but then how did we as a nation get to the point where a clueless guy got elected? The whole thing was a dark, dark episode in our history, and all we can do is hope that some major lessons were learned as a result of it.


  5. I think Bush is neither clueless nor decent. I think he’s known exactly what he was doing and that he didn’t give a damn about it except in the sense that he thought his actions would make him look good or garner votes. I think he’s a psychopath and that he brought a number of key people into government who have the same lack of conscience, understanding, or concern about their actions. Calling Bush amoral is closer to the mark. Calling him a thug and a criminal who should spend the rest of his life in an isolation cell is even more accurate. Too bad we can’t do the old-fashioned thing and strip him and his entire family of everything they own and throw them naked into the streets of Baghdad.

    As for major lessons – there will be no lessons unless the Obama regime mounts a major campaign to hold all of these people accountable for their criminal actions. But given Obama’s apparent obsession with so-called bipartisanship and inclusiveness, it’s unlikely there will be an accounting. And that means the door will be open for the next Republican cabal to commit the same crimes as they shred the Constitution and the rule of law in the name of patriotism.


  6. Unfortunately, a great many people will forget about it. In, oh, about 8 yeras, when we are (once again) paying off the massive public debt, when most Americans have access to affordable health insurance, when reregulation of private industry is preventing the massive outrages of the past 25 years, and when America is, once again, respected, the Republican will toss up some loser who will scream for tax cuts for the rich to spur investment, deregulation of business to increase profits, and Americans will vote for him 9or her) because they will have forgotten the early 00s and the excesses of incompetence. (Sorry ’bout the run-on sentence.)


  7. It does seem like Obama won’t go after any of them, but it looks like he’ll focus on fixing the damage. His pick for CIA chief is a major opponent to torture. I can’t wait to see what happens with the Justice dept and the Supreme Court.

    I don’t see why we can’t have both, righting the ship and prosecuting those who tried to sink it, but if I’m forced to choose just one, I’d pick righting the ship.


  8. () –

    You must have run out of them. Here’s one to tide you over…
    ( I have more if you’re in serious need.

    philly –

    I’m not sure the ship can be properly righted without going after the Bush and neocon pirates. Giving a pass to criminal activity in public office pretty much guarantees that it will happen again, and we won’t necessarily have to wait until the nutso Republicans dredge up a Palin clone for 2012.


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