The Republican Theme Song Is Now ‘Barack, The Magic Negro’

The former campaign manager for Mike Huckabee, one Chip Saltsman, is running for the chairmanship of the Republican National Committee.

As part of his appeal he has sent to the committee members a CD containing the racist ditty from Rush ‘The Klansman’ Limbaugh’s program, a song titled ‘Barack, The Magic Negro’.

It’s been no secret that the Republican Party is, and has been, the home of the fabled American Racist Pig, but this may be the first time they’ve got up on their hind legs and oinked publicly and openly about it.

Saltsman has said that he considers the song a light-hearted political parody.

That’s good, Chipper. Inflame the racist scum that look to Republicanism for their salvation. Yeah, make it okay for them to crap all over the niggers again. Hey, Chipper, think you can make it to the next lynching? They’ll be playing your song, boy.


4 Responses

  1. Let’s just treat it as a Christmas present. Let’s not attach any meaning for the spirit of christmas. But still, hope that there is no ill-motive that drove Saltsman in sending the CD.


  2. […] 27, 2008 by D. C. LaRocca Apparently “Barack the Magic Negro” was just another inside racist joke among the Republican National Committee until recently. […]


  3. Can the Republicans possibly sink any lower? If they do, will they come up in China?


    • No chance of their making it to China again. The Chinese have posted heavily armed guards at all holes in the ground that might lead to Republican havens.


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