Stunning Admissions From Bush And Cheney Draw Major Yawns From Media And Citizenry

Within the past two days the Republican Administration of the United States has publicly admitted two stunning facts.

Yesterday George W. Bush, the proponent, promoter, and snake-oil salesmen of unregulated free markets told CNN “I have abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.”

Which is to say that free-market principles don’t work. Not big news, but to have the little slug admit it? That’s big. But it rates hardly a blip on the news.

And the other stunner occurred when the Vice-President of the United States admitted on ABC News that he approved the use of torture and that he believes torture should be used.

He admits to a war crime, publicly, on national television, and he hasn’t been arrested? And hardly anyone acts as if it’s important?

These two men have dragged the United States to depths of illegality and immorality that in an earlier day would have been unimaginable.

But given the last couple of decades of Republican dominance, what else could we expect. It’s the Republican way.


5 Responses

  1. I missed W’s comment. Wow, he’s really letting everything fly out of his mouth now, huh? The Bible isn’t to be taken literally, he was unprepared for war, the free-market principle is inadequate, what’s next?


  2. Laura’s a lesbian and Barney had a sex change operation.


  3. Does August 6, 1945, qualify as an earlier day?


  4. sk –

    Can’t really answer that because there’s so many factors and contextual variables that any discussion would simply go round and round. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were reprehensible acts of violence against mass civilian populations, but certainly not the first in that war.

    Bush and his people manufactured a war because they wanted to, not because they had reason. They deliberately and publicly chose to ignore international law and American law, getting their own lawyers to drum up phony opinions to give them cover. They willfully and intentionally tortured people as a matter of policy, despite the known fact that torture is an ineffective and counterproductive way of gathering information. They did that in our names and dragged the United States into a moral mire that has weakened us as a nation and a people.

    Add that to all the other illegalities and immoralities, all committed deliberately with no legitimate justification, other than the desire of the actors to commit the acts to satisfy an ideology that leads only to the bottom of the moral barrel.

    Rightly or wrongly, the action against Japan intended, at least in large part, to end a devastating war. The actions of the Bush people can only be seen as an attempt to increase warmaking, to increase the power of the Republican/Conservative cabal, to drive a stake in the heart of the Constitution and American law, to increase the economic and political power of a handful of people, and to satisfy the adolescent power fantasies of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their crew.

    In a significant sense then, apples and oranges, though there are some apples mixed into the oranges and some oranges mixed in with the apples.


  5. Excellent commentary! Until the “citizenry” wake up to the reality that things have gone awry due to the fact that the “citizenry” is STILL fast asleep we will most likely hear more of this type of admission, and why not? The “citizenry” won’t do anything! But why stop there PhillyChief, they may as well admit who assassinated Kennedy, what really happened on September 11th and that Bigfoot really exists. What does it matter…zzzzz…zzzzz…zzzzzzz.


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