Did General Electric Destroy Iraq To Profit From Death And Destruction?

General Electric has closed a three billion dollar deal to sell Iraq fifty-six gas turbine power generators to create electricity.

Not noted in the story is how much GE made selling stuff that killed Iraqis and destroyed its infrastructure. That would be interesting to know, wouldn’t it?

The bloody hand washing the green hand.

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5 Responses

  1. And who on the Iraqi side agreed to the deal? Not the elected representatives because they don’t have any: the Iraqi election was suspended by the government, which would normally be called dictatorship but for some reason still gets called a democracy by the non-shoe-throwing media, and General Electrics contract will be called a deal and not what it real is – war profiteering!


  2. “The bloody hand washing the green hand.”
    Great phrase


  3. Rick,

    Merry Christmas and Happy prosperous New Year!!!


  4. qb –

    Same to you, q.

    (That’s as close to poetry as I’m getting this year!)


  5. If GE’s generators work as badly as their Christmas tree lights, it’ll be decades before Iraq has electricity.


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