Chris Matthews: Loudmouthed Blithering Motormouth, The Most Annoying Blabber On Television

Chris Matthews never fails to impress The Lion.

He’s a big time interviewer who can’t conduct an interview. He’s an embarrassment. He’s either forgotten or never learned the first rule of news interviewing, or opinion interviewing.

Ask your question and shut the hell up and let the interviewee talk.

Not Matthews. He interrupts constantly. He blabbers on and on, demonstrating that he generally knows little or nothing about the subject matter, preferring instead to spew his own opinions instead of letting his viewers hear his guest’s thoughts. 

Tonight he just finished making a fool of himself over the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. The essence of it was that he believed it was more important to smother the incident under American values rather than bring out the Iraqi side of the matter.

Given the intensity of the incident and the intensity of the mass protests in Iraq favoring the shoe thrower, a person might think that an intelligent interview of the two journalists on Matthews’ show would have explored the deeper aspects of the events.

Nope. We Americans, all of us apparently, according to Matthews the Mouth, thought it was funny that the guy threw shoes. Well, no. There’s nothing funny about George Bush. He’s a liar and a mass murderer and an incompetent, pathetic, and stupid human being. Which is not to say that some of us would not have taken greater joy if the shoe man had actually hit Bush.

And he couldn’t understand why Muntadar al-Zaidi, the remarkably accurate hurler of shoes, didn’t just write out his hostility. Maybe because the Idiot-in-Chief doesn’t read and doesn’t care and is utterly immune to reality and criticism? And maybe because al-Zaidi knows that nothing he wrote about the dog and pony show Bush and al-Maliki were running would have near the effect of a couple of well-aimed shoes.

And then The Mouth said he didn’t understand how all those guys in the street protests found the time to protest, how they always seemed ready to march. Maybe because millions of people don’t have jobs in the country George Bush and the Americans destroyed?

But such fine points of fact are lost on Matthews. He’s demonstrated time and again that the only opinions he’s interested in are his own, and that he believes his opinions are, indeed, facts.

The Lion fondly hopes that he does run for the Senate, as he is rumored to be interested in doing. At least it will get him off the air and perhaps replaced by someone who actually listens to guests and lets them voice their opinions, which are usually far more well informed by fact than anything Matthews blithers and spews.

As for al-Zaidi, the entire American press corps should take lessons from him on how to treat people like Bush. He was practicing the fine art of real journalism, the kind that doesn’t suck up to bullcrap and lies and insanity and murder, the kind that realizes that there is no balance when psychopaths like Bush and Cheney are in charge. The press likes to pretend that they are objective and uninvolved and that those are professional virtues. They are not. The press in large part enabled Bush’s malignant acts abroad, and at home. They have blood on their hands, they are covered in gore. They chose to get on their knees and sell their ethics, their souls, their skills, and their minds to liars and murderers. They should have been throwing shoes all along.

Al-Zaidi is a hero. He saw the ugly truth and he stomped on it.


7 Responses

  1. We finally get the long-winded Biden out of the Senate and you immediately want to throw another windbag in there. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a sadist?


  2. Consider the alternatives al-Zaidi passed up


  3. Chappy

    Actually my second wife called me a monster when I left. But she was, of course, wrong. I was merely confused about various roles. But sadist? No. Sadism is simply too much trouble. Apathy is much better. It confuses its object and allows the apathist to get on with life.

    andeeroo –

    I’d suggest whale feces, as there is nothing lower. However, as they are hard to come by, I’ll go with al-Zaidi’s choice, though I disagree with his use of dress shoes. Too expensive to waste on crud like Bush. Smelly, torn sneakers seem best.


  4. Ric, I know what you are saying about him but there is one part of his constant interruptions that I actually like. It’s when someone doesn’t answer the question he asks, he interrupts and repeats the question, and will do it over and over until they either answer or make clear that they are going to answer. But, yeah, he does it a lot of other times when there is no need for it.


  5. Evo –

    I’ve seen him do that and that’s good, but most of the time he’s just ridiculous. Compare him to Olbermann and Maddow. Both of them listen to what their guests say, let their guests finish what they’re saying, and a viewer can actually learn something. Matthews is so goddam annoying that it’s almost impossible to filter through to what the guests are saying. And watching them rush to get in their comments before he cuts them off with his blithering is embarrassing.


  6. I first read this story in Le Monde, the French newspaper. I like the international publications’ points of views. American publications seem more “filtered” to me.

    Also, regarding the whale poo…

    Nice to see you back. 🙂


  7. I’m back? Say it ain’t so!

    As for the whale poo, I’m trying hard to not think about the bottom of the ocean.

    American publications are filtered. I remember Betty Nguyen (or maybe it was one of the other Asian women at the anchor desk) on CNN saying ‘respectable news organizations’ don’t report such and such a story (I forget what the story was), but the arrogance of the remark was remarkable.

    These people no longer report the news. They grimace and smile and groan the news, adding their personal takes on it. Most of them are bubbleheads whose opinions, however expressed, add nothing to the story and detract from the reporting of the news. I don’t want them to be my ‘friend’ or a ‘member of my family’. I want them to report the fucking news, straight up, honestly, and with integrity. They don’t and they won’t. It’s part of the stupidifying of America.


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